AMG in pole position with Voice Search

Date: March 5th, 2018

A car leasing firm in Doncaster is leading the way in online experience by implementing voice search capability into their website, enabling consumers to search for their car using this function through any device, including mobile phone.

With the widespread emergence of smart voice assistants like Amazon Echo, these aren’t just giving us our daily news and weather updates, they are changing the way people search for products and services.

Latest figures from AMG Autolease, a car leasing firm based in Doncaster, have shown an increase in its visitors using mobile phones to search and visit their website, so much so that of all their visitors, 51% use their mobile whilst 39% use a personal computer and 10% a tablet device. Of those, 41% use Google Chrome as their browser, which supports the voice search function.

Data from Comscore shows 55% of teens and 41% of adults already execute voice searches multiple times per day, forecasting that by 2020, 50 percent of all searches will be via voice. Although the majority of this will be made up by using Google search, AMG Autolease are allowing an option to voice search once a visitor has landed onto their home page using Google Chrome.

Iain McLennan, Director at AMG Autolease, who has been in the car leasing industry for over 19 years says “We are very much in the infancy of providing the latest online tools to our customer experience and believe we are heading in the right direction. This is only the first step in our commitment to consumer trends and demands.”

He goes on to say, “we’ve obviously seen a steady change over the years and have had to invest into our online presence. But over the past 18 months, with personal leasing becoming more popular, we have found consumer behaviour slightly different to how a business would look to lease a car. We must give the consumers what they use in their everyday life and hope this will be the start in doing so”.
Iain continues “Further work is ongoing with building chatbots to help consumers understand more about leasing cars instead of them having to scroll through websites or pages to find answers. Chatbots will help automate the processes but also give our online users the necessary tools to help engage with us when it is convenient to them. Creating an interactive website will enhance our existing customer service and not replace our commitment to offering the best service in our industry”.

For marketers, this means focusing on smart ways to connect with consumers and making available functionality on their website to ensure responsiveness to voice controls. The technology is here, the demand is growing and the reward for first-movers will undoubtedly come through. Are you planning on carrying out voice search in 2018 and beyond?