Car leasing no deposit FAQ

Date: December 15th, 2017

With people having all sorts of financial commitments from mortgages to credit cards, loan repayments, school fees etc, finding a large deposit can sometimes be difficult, which is where the ‘No deposit car leasing’ or ‘zero deposit car leasing’ scheme from AMG Car leasing can be of benefit.

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Q. When considering a new car lease what deposit should I put into the contract?

A. When looking at Car Leasing it is wise to firstly look at the maximum monthly budget you are able to afford. This can be in terms of a car allowance received or simply from a personal income point of view. Once this budget amount has been established we can then look to see whether there is scope for an increased initial payment can be made. The initial payment on the lease simply serves the purpose of lowering the ongoing monthly contractual payments. The shorter the lease is, the greater affect the increase in initial deposit has. If you are however coming out of a company car scheme or receiving a car allowance it is sometimes difficult to obtain an amount of money that could be used to place down as an initial payment and it is here where AMG Autolease are able to offer a no deposit car lease or zero deposit car leasing agreement. This means exactly what it says – there are no enhanced initial payments required and you simply pay the same budget able amount of money for the full length of the contract.


Q.Is a large initial payment wise?

A. Often when considering zero deposit car leasing or car leasing no deposit it is wise to consider whether the monthly amount payable, is important and critical to the well being of the individual concerned. Whilst paying a large initial payment at the start a lease is a great idea, it often enables the driver to contract hire an even more prestige car leasing agreement. However when coming to the end of the agreement should the driver wish to remain in a Luxury car leasing vehicle once again a further large deposit may be required to enable them to hit the same monthly price point and drive the same caliber of vehicle.

Q. What are the advantages of a no car deposit lease?

A. Whilst the advantages do seem minimal and often come back to simple budgeting, it does enable affordability to be closely scrutinised and does give a true finance underwrite for the ongoing affordability of a vehicle. For example if a person embarks into the world of contract hire leasing they may have a part exchange vehicle which they wish to use to fulfill the repayments of the car leasing agreement. Once this asset is used the monthly payments will be lowered due to the increased initial payments. However once this agreement has ceased, the individual upon starting a new agreement will then once again have to find a large sum of money or opt to drive a lesser vehicle. On a zero deposit car leasing agreement. At AMG Autolease we have access to all makes, tyres and model derivatives and can base all contracts on a zero deposit or no deposit car lease agreement.


Q. What are the contract options with a zero deposit car leasing agreement?

A. The actual contract options within this type of agreement are exactly the same as that of any agreement, AMG Autolease can still provide contracts over 2,3,4 or 5 years and offer annual mileages from 5k per annum upwards, we can also include the maintenance option which would cover all the servicing , ongoing maintenance and also ALL tyres for the full contract duration.

Q. Can you lease a car without putting an initial deposit down?

A. This is simple, AMG provide the simple solution with is a 1 payment in advance agreement, this negates the need to put any money down, we also won’t take the first contracted payment until 7-10 days after delivery (depending on finance company).

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