A guide to the advantages and disadvantages of leasing an electric vehicle.

In the past people have steered away from electric vehicle leasing due to factors such as low mileage and lack of charging points. But things are on the up people, with these issues becoming a thing of the past electric car leasing is now a real and realistic option as your next vehicle.

To find out more about electric vehicles such as car options, charging points and more please check out our other articles related to hybrid and electric vehicles. But here you’ll find a clear, plain and simple list of the good, the bad and the ugly of choosing an electric vehicle as your next car.

Advantages of electric vehicle leasing:

  1. No petrol or diesel fuel required. Yep the clues in the title electric vehicle. They run solely on electricity. Now you’ll know yourself your average spend on fuel, now just imagine not spending that. You never need to stop at a petrol station ever again! Of course you’ll be spending money to charge an electric vehicle, it’s still a lot less than your traditional fuel.
  1. Electric cars are eco-friendly. They’re actually 100% eco-friendly unlike a traditionally fuelled or hybrid vehicle. No emissions, electricity is what’s known as a clean energy source. This means no toxic gasses or smoke will be released into the atmosphere from the car. The polar bears will be very grateful.
  1. Electric vehicles are just as safe to drive as your regular car. They are fitted with all the same safety features and if you do have a collision the electricity supply from the battery will cut out to help prevent serious injury to any inside the vehicle.
  1. They are cost effective. Back in the day electric vehicles were pretty expensive to lease due to there not really being that many of them. However today there are a multitude of manufacturers making electric vehicles leading to the mass production of components such as batteries. Meaning that overall prices have dropped and electric vehicles are now extremely affordable.
  1. Gain in popularity. Electric vehicles are now becoming very popular. With unique designs and a multitude of features that’s no surprise either. So if you want to be leading the trend then leasing an electric vehicle could be the best way to do it.
  1. They are quiet. Electrically powered vehicles have done away with noise pollution. Smooth drive with no noise disturbance. We’re not saying you should race around town at midnight. But if you wanted to without waking up your neighbours. You really could.
  1. Low maintenance costs. With there being not traditional engine under the hood they won’t ever be the need to spend hefty amounts of money on engine maintenance. More savings for you. Yay.

Disadvantages of electric car leasing:

So there’s the positives, depending on your driving habits and general distance covered in the vehicle, going green could save you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of pounds. So go have a look around our AMG website for some of the great range of lease deals on offer for electric cars. Not only this you are also helping save the planet.

Now for the ‘must try harder’ aspects of electric cars. We don’t really want to call them disadvantages because electrically powered vehicles have made huge leaps forwards in recent years, and if they continue this way we feel sure some of these aspects can be overcome.

  1. Charging points. When electric vehicles first became publicly available, charging points for the vehicles were slightly few and far between. Today there are far more charge points available, with the aim of there even being one at every service station soon. So don’t take this as the be all and end all. Charging points are becoming far more accessible, along with different types of charging becoming available. To learn more about this please look at the other electric car articles on our blog section.
  1. Electricity isn’t free to use. So this one is avoidable if you do a little bit of research before ordering your car. Electric vehicles can vary on the amount of charge they need. So if you’re charging at home and have a certain type of vehicle, it could have a large effect on your electricity bill. But this is avoidable if you do some research before you put in an order. So again, it’s not a massive issue.
  1. Short driving range. Electric vehicles when first released struggled to do any significant mileage. You could barely drive to buy a pint of milk and come back! Today though the electric vehicles are capable of far more miles. So again, not a major issue!
  1. Long charge time. On average an electric vehicle can take 4-6 hours to charge. However this depends on the car, and the type of charging point. It could be slow charge, fast charge or rapid charge. Again, one for you to do a little research on.

So there you have it, the advantages and not so advantages yet, of leasing an electric vehicle. If you’re interested and want to learn more please give us a call today on the number at the top of the page or contact us here.

Article by Toby

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