Why Electric Car Leasing In Nottingham Looks Set To Take Off

Date: January 2nd, 2018

Nottingham Car Leasing

Rich in history, Nottingham is well known across the globe for a variety of reasons. Robin Hood, Raleigh Bicycles, Nottingham Forest’s incredible back-to-back European Cup victories under Brian Clough in ‘79 and ‘80, and UNESCO’s recognition of the city as a ‘City of Literature’ back in 2015, have all helped put Nottingham on the map, but there’s something else brewing in this part of the East Midlands, too.

Work is currently underway in the city to create the UK’s first ‘Eco Expressway’, a section of road where one lane is given over exclusively to electric Park and Ride buses and drivers of other low-emission vehicles. The £6.1m development, which runs along Daleside Road and Colwick Loop Road, looks set to bring sustainable travel to the fore within the city once work is completed, and put Nottingham on the lips of environmentalists across the globe.

Although the route only runs for around 6 miles (10 km), its significance cannot be denied. According to Paul Horn, Team Leader for Public Transport Projects at Nottingham City Council, the adjustments made to this short stretch of road could result in 200 tonne reduction in CO2 and a 27kg drop in NOx in a single year.

Eco Expressway - Nottingham

These are impressive figures in their own right, but when you consider the impact such schemes could have if they were implemented countrywide the mind boggles. Countries such as the US have already given electric car drivers the option to use lanes previously restricted solely to high-occupancy vehicles, so there’s no reason why bus lanes couldn’t be opened up to EV drivers should pilot schemes such as the Nottingham Eco Expressway prove to be a success.

Why has Nottingham embraced electric vehicles?

Nottingham took the bold step of tackling the pollution problem head on by announcing a bid to become a ‘Go Ultra Low City’ back in 2015, although progress to date hasn’t really delivered. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently labelled the city as having air quality that falls below the safe levels expected by the global health watchdog. Nottingham isn’t alone in this regard, with 43 other British cities all failing to hit the targets set by the organisation, but that’s beside the point.

The key difference between Nottingham and many of the other cities singled out by the WHO are the plans that the local council has in place to improve air quality across the region. Not only do they recognise that the city has a pollution problem, they are actually trying to do something about it.

Options are being discussed by local government over the potential implementation of gas-powered bin lorries and the possible introduction of electric taxis across the city. These changes would be welcomed by many, and would sit perfectly with existing programmes such as the city’s electric trams and buses.

What does this mean for electric car leasing in Nottingham?

Obviously, this is a step in the right direction, and we’d expect to see increased interest in electric vehicle leasing in Nottingham as a result. Not only will the industry benefit from the physical changes made by the city council, the additional press coverage will undoubtedly help push the cause further forward, too (even if the roadworks have been the bane of people’s lives for the last year or so).

However, while general awareness is important, it’s finances that can really swing a deal. The technological breakthroughs being made in the EV industry are astonishing and the impact these innovations are having on price is extraordinary. Leasing an electric car in Nottingham, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, is now an affordable proposition, which is something that naturally opens the door to a much wider demographic than was previously possible.

Who would lease an electric car in Nottingham?

The obvious candidates for electric vehicle leasing in Nottingham would be business owners who maintain a fleet of vehicles. Real savings can be made across the life of a lease these days and, with schemes such as the Eco Expressway beginning to spring up, there’s also the timesaving aspect to consider as well. We all know that time is money, and getting from point A to point B faster will certainly be a boost for many business owners across the city.

We also believe that electric vehicle leasing in Nottingham will become increasingly attractive to individuals, too. Personal lease deals on electric cars have dropped significantly over recent years along with business contracts, and the numerous other benefits associated with leasing an EV are sure to attract the eyes of savvy consumers both here and elsewhere across the UK before too long.