AMG Autolease Ltd are able to quote and supply many choices in leasing an electric vehicle.

We believe that Electric Vehicle leasing is the way forward and charging your electric vehicle is an easy and simple process.

 There are several ways in which to charge your electric vehicle.

Charging your electric lease vehicle at home is very simple, using your own household electricity. Alternatively AMG recommends that you also charge your electric vehicle by making use of one of the many public charging points located throughout the UK.

There are multiple factors to  take into consideration when looking to charge your electric vehicle, for example… how long it will take for you to charge your electric vehicle, what will be the cost implementations and are there any Government schemes available which may be able to assist you.

Charging at home

If you opt to charge your vehicle at home – you have one or two options. You can choose which is the best electric lease charge option for you.  Either you can plug your vehicle directly into a standard UK 3-pin socket (just like you do with your hoover or kettle! ) or you can have installed in your home a special home charging point.  If you choose for the first option (standard 3-pin socket) it’s extremely convenient but unfortunately, it is the slowest option.  Whereas…. If you opt to have a fast charging point installed by a specialized company, you receive a much faster charging time as a result.

AMG are aware that approx 80% of all electric vehicle charging occurs within the driver’s home and therefor we do recommend you have a charging point installed (that is if you have a suitable location where it can be installed… ie garage / driveway).  We should also point out to customers that the Government currently cover up to 75% (or a maximum amount of £500) of the cost of customers having the installation of the fast charging point. AMG Autolease would also like to point out that customers don’t always have to apply for the Government grant as some vehicle manufacturers will supply you with a complementary home fast charging point with the supply of your electric vehicle.

Charging times

The time to charge your electric vehicle depends on several different circumstances for example…. it depends on what form of charging point you are using to charge your vehicle, the capacity of the vehicles battery and which vehicle you have.  The speed of the charger will also depend on how many kilowatts it can provide and also on how many kilowatts your vehicle can accept.  The vehicle will charge at a faster speed if your vehicle is capable of dealing with a higher number of watts.

AMG work on the following charging times… a slow charging rate, rate 3kw – if you choose to charge your vehicle from empty whether at home from a normal 3-pin socket or from a fast charging point.  A slow charge will take around 8 hours.  Whereas a fast charging rate, 7.22kw a fast charging point will normally take approx 3 or 4 hours which should be enough time to fully replenish your electric cars battery for a zero charge.

Public charging stations often charge at a much faster rate.  Rapid charging from one of these points.  Rate 43-50kw.  Only a small selection of electric vehicles are compatible with rapid charging, but if you are a customer who owns a vehicle such as a Kia Soul EV or a Tesla Model S – a rapid charger will provide you with approx an 80% charge much quicker.

Other factors such as different plug connectors can effect charge times. Slow chargers are usually Type 1 Connectors.  This can be plugged directly into your normal domestic electricity supply. The other main type of connector is the Type 2 7-pin connector that can be only plugged into an EV charging point.  Type 2 is more common on fast charging vehicles, but you may find it on some slow charging model vehicles.

Cost of charging at home

Once again, this is based entirely on exactly what kind of electric vehicle you have.  Some vehicles, like those with short electric ranges will not require as much electricity to fully charge the vehicles battery, thus resulting in the cost been less.  But… you may have to charge your vehicle more frequently than some other models.  Think of it like a traditional car, smaller the fuel tank the less it will cost to fill, but you wont be able to travel as far as on a larger tank.

The savings from charging a vehicle over petrol or diesel are considerable.  Even to fully charge your vehicle from the empty point should cost no more than a few pounds, if you charge your vehicle overnight. Depending on your tariff.

Where can I charge away from home?

Take a look at our where can we charge article.

The majority of new electric vehicles come with a Sat Nav system that will direct you to your nearest charging point. Also, there are websites which show where you can charge with live updates. These include ZapMap which points out charging points nearest to where you are searching from along with other useful info.

Within the UK there are over 4,000 locations offering over 6,000 individual charging stations.  Around 10% of these have been added in the past 12 months alone.  Charging points are set to over take the amount of petrol stations.

Most public charging points require the user to provide their swipecard or a mobile phone app to unlock the charging point.  By doing this it will allow you to connect the charging cable from your vehicle to the vehicle charging point.

Charging differences

There are several different providers of charging points, these include: Polar, Ecotricity and Chargemaster, these are a few of the largest but that are also a variety of smaller regional ones.  To use these, you often have to subscribe and become a member which means you pay a flat fee each month for the unlimited use of that companies charging station.

The motorway network also provide over 50 charging stations offering approx 300 individual chargers.  Recently the company has introduced and a fee to use these and a 30 minute charge will cost approx £6.00.  However, if you also get your electricity from Ecotricity, then its worth remember you are eligible for 52 free charges per year.

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