Electric and hybrid cars are the future.

These are great for the environment, but more importantly great for the pocket!

Healthy option to car leasing

With all the recent news on global warming, the melting ice caps, rising sea levels and mega storms the push for countries to increase the electric and hybrid vehicle ratios is growing and growing. The Uk has committed to banning the sale of Petrol and Diesel cars by 2040 whilst this is a healthy option and is a huge step towards Helping the environment recover from the years of abuse the increased demand for electric will require 10 new power stations!!!

As a UK driver and UK based company we have looked at the electric and hybrid car profiles, asthetics and monthly costs and are starting to see that they actually now stack up on a performance, monthly cost and are even more tax friendly for both company and driver! The most important factor is the improvement in your conscience and general well being for the positive psychosomatic affect that you are doing your good little bit for the global community!!

Personal Taxation
With the electric and hybrid lease push the benefits on your personal taxation amounts are also hugely beneficial.

With a 100% company First Year allowance on electric vehicles (emissions must be under 75g/km) companies can claim a full 100% write down allowance against company profits as well as the company car drivers benefiting from the reduced P11d taxation amounts.

The 10 best cars for personal taxation have also been discussed widely on the internet!

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