Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, with this come a lot of questions. One of the most important ones after the delivery of your electric vehicle is where can you charge it? Below is a quick and easy guide explaining your options when it comes to juicing up your car.

Find a charging point near you.

Today there are around 4,200 different locations around the UK to charge your electric vehicle. To find one close to you we recommend you use a website such as Zap-Map. This is a website that maps out all of the UK charging points making it simple and easy for you to charge your electric vehicle.

So as you can see there are already more than six and a half thousand individual charging stations in the Uk with more and more being added each day. We estimate that within the next couple of years the amount of charging points in the UK will overtake the amount of traditional fuel stations.

Charging from home.

This is probably one of the most convenient methods of charging. You come home from work, plug in your car and go put your feet up with a cuppa. The process of having a charging point installed in your home is actually rather easy to do, so it’s no wonder that this is what more and more electric car users are doing. More than three quarters of car charging that takes place is done in people’s homes. Not only is charging at home convenient you can even get up to £500 from the Government to help cover the costs of your installation.

Charging on the go.

One of the other important methods of charging is on those long commutes. There is currently one main provider of motorway charging stations. At the time of this being written Ecotricity provides the UK with 145 different charging stations located around the UK. Currently for £6 you get half an hour of charging time. Whilst you cannot fully charge your car in this time it is more than enough to get you on the way again and of course you can always use more than one charge.

So there you have it, a quick guide on where to charge. For all your electric car queries answer keep an eye of the AMG blog. We’ll be covering everything including, how to charge, types of chares and the benefits of going green when it comes to your electric vehicles.

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