Ford have a range of electric/ hybrid vehicles available to lease today. These include a selection of their most popular vehicles, such as the Ford Focus and Ford Mondeo. Read on to find out a little more about the vehicles available.

Ford Mondeo
For drivers looking for a mid sized saloon vehicle with good tech as standard and extremely low running costs, you need look no further than the Ford Mondeo. Rivaling the likes of the Volkswagen Passat and BMW 340e, the Mondeo has an understated refinement about it that makes you sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. The Mondeo drives well and the lack of noise in the cabin is pleasantly noticeable in comparison with other models.

Ford Mondeo Vignale
The Ford Mondeo Vignale takes the luxury level of the refined saloon up a notch. the Vignale offers drivers a luxury leather expense interior with a sleek chrome lined exterior. Along with this is a much larger boot than the standard Mondeo hybrid. The refined drive of the Vignale is especially noticeable around town, as you cruise almost silently thanks to the work Ford have put in soundproofing the vehicle as much as possible. Those looking for an alternative to luxury BMWs, take a closer look at the Ford Mondeo Vignale today.

Ford Focus
The Ford Focus is one of the companies most popular vehicles, with good reason. Heres what the electric version has to offer. Drivers looking for a stylish family sized hatchback style vehicle with extremely low running costs will love the electric hatchback. The Focus features a clean crisp interior where all the standard equipment you could wish for can be found. Take a look at the Ford focus now!

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