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I-Pace Jaguar on Lease

Marketed as a premium rival to the Tesla Model X, the I-Pace has established itself well at initial release. Vehicles such as the Mercedes EQC have recently entered the fold meaning the competition between the big manufacturers is really heating up! Can Jaguar hold their own?

Regular drivers of Jags will be surprised how familiar the interior of the I-Pace feels. This is because the design is well thought out whilst also being upmarket and comfortable. There are three trim levels available but the entry level has more than enough equipment for most drivers. Known as the S the entry level trim supplies you with 18 inch alloy wheels and LED headlights. The crisp 10 inch touchscreen displays information such as satnav, DAB radio, rear camera and cruise control. There is the option to upgrade to 20 inch alloys as well as gesture controlled tailgate and surround sound.

Out on the road the I-Pace looks lean and mean. The sloping wind shield and sharp styling give the car a low appearance, ready to spring into action. Combine this with four wheel drive and 396 bhp thanks to a 90 kWh battery on each axle, the I-Pace feels like a real power house from behind the wheel. 0- 60 mph is achieved in a swift 3.7 seconds, more than enough power hear for all the overtaking anyone could ever need.

Whilst from the outside the I-Pace may look rather low, on the inside there is ample space. Both front passengers will sit in perfect comfort and transporting three passengers in the rear of the vehicle should not be a problem thanks to lack lack of transmission tunnel running down the center of the vehicle. Looking to the boot and there’s plenty of space here too, 656 litres of space to be exact. Transporting larger goods is no problem as the rear seats can fold down to extend the capacity to 1453 litres. Its also worth mentioning there is a small storage compartment at the front of the vehicle where an engine would normally sit.

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