Land Rover are a vehicle manufacturing giant and they dont miss a trick. Not wanting to miss the hybird/ electric party, they have released alternative energy versions of two of their most popular models, available to lease today from AMG Autolease. To find the best hybrid car lease for yourself, read on.
Range Rover Sport
Labelled with the P400e badge, the Hybrid Sport has a break horse power output of just under 400 bhp! To thank for this is the pairing of a 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol engine and a 85kW electric motor. 0- 62 mph is achieved in an impressive 6.3 seconds, with a quick start off the mark thanks to the Range Rovers electric motor. The vehicle also features four wheel drive and a six speed automatic gearbox. We’re not sure what else to tell you, its a Range Rover as we know inside and out. Its stunning.
Range Rover Estate
This, the original Range Rover is popular all over the world. Featuring killer looks and practicality, its hard to go wrong here. Now available as a plug-in hybrid, meaning the Range Rover stays firmly at the front of modern technology. Acceleration from 0-62 mph comes in at 6.8 seconds, impressive for a vehicle of this size. Take a look at the range Rover Estate today! Its not just posh farmers that drive them.

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