For year Mercedes have been at the forefront of vehicle manufacturing. So its not surprise that in this modern age they have created a great selection of hybrid vehicles which offer the premium brand feel paired with large capacity for savings for drivers.

Mercedes-Benz C Class

There are multiple versions of the hybrid Mercedes-Benz C Class available, meaning there is an ideal car for every type of driver. For example: you could choose between the fully electric C250e or the hybrid C300h for those looking to cut down on fuel consumption. There are also multiple body shape options, such as estate, for those needing to fit the family and the dog in the vehicle, or saloon for company drivers wanting to look sleek and stylish. So choosing to move away from traditional fuel, doesn’t mean compromise. The Mercedes C Class electric/ hybrid gives drivers all the luxury of the regular C Class, with a pinch of something new, forward thinking.

Mercedes-Benz E Class

The Mercedes E Class is the classic premium executive drivers vehicle, the hybrid E Class offers drivers all this with the added potential power straight from a socket. Not to mention the added fuel savings. The current E350e states it’ll do 134 mpg with just 57g/km, this is slightly down on some of its rivals, but then again, they’re not Mercedes. Still, not bad stats for an executive saloon of this high status. There are a choice of trims available on the Mercedes E Class, SE, SE premium and AMG Line upward. All of which are well equipped meaning those longer commutes are enjoyable, rather than tedious.

Mercedes-Benz GLE

The hybrid Mercedes GLE offers power in spades, matched with the spacious interior throughout and you’re on to a winner. The petrol powered V6 engine produces 328bhp, combining this with a 114bhp electric motor, the result is a 0-62 mph of just 5.3 seconds. Blistering pace when you consider the size of the vehicle in question.

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