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Nissan Leaf Lease Review

The Nissan leaf lease is currently in its second generation after it was re-designed in 2018. Affordability, sharp looks and a large amount of safety features make the leaf a real competitor in a growing market of electric vehicle leasing. Nissan aim the Leaf at drivers looking for a mid range vehicle as it feels nippy around town but is still more than capable of motorway journeys.

Driving Experience

236 pound-feet of torque is produced by the leaf, what does that mean? Well it means it feels pretty speedy from the get go. Off the mark the leaf gets off to a quick start thanks to instant electric power. You’ll get to 60 mph in a time of around 7 and a half seconds. Light steering also makes the Leaf an enjoyable driving experience. The Leaf feels quiet and smooth on the road thanks to there being no engine noise present.


The new styling of the Nissan electric offering is significantly updated from the old version. With Nissan aiming at a younger audience the design and styling feels fresh and sharp with the Leaf having a distinctive look and feel on the road. To personalize your Nissan Leaf there is the option of 17 inch alloy wheels as well as LED lighting available.


The Leaf also contains an innovative piece of technology called the e-pedal. This allows drivers to accelerate and brake with the use of just one pedal. Acceleration occurs when pressure is applied to the pedal and when your foot is lifted off, the vehicle will brake automatically. This may seem like a strange concept at first but works great in town where traffic stops and starts. ProPILOT assist is also featured on the Nissan Leaf meaning the car will use both lane keeping technology and cruise control to reduce your driving effort.


Looking to the infotainment system, this is controlled via a 7.0 inch touchscreen which supports both Apple Carplay and Android Auto. The interface feels very easy to use thanks to the simple and effective layout. Combine this with the Bose sound system and you cant go wrong! The seven speakers produce great quality sound which sounds even better thanks to the lack of engine noise.

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