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Nissan, like many car manufacturers in today’s market, are looking to improve their range of electric/ hybrid vehicles. With history going years back, the recent editions to their range including the electric Nissan Leaf went down a storm with drivers. Updated for 2018 there’s more reason than ever to consider a electric Nissan lease deal.

Nissan Leaf

When the Leaf was first released to the public back in 2011, expectations were high, and the vehicle didn’t disappoint. With sales currently around 280,000, the Leaf leasing offers have proved popular with drivers world wide.

Updated for 2018 the Leaf now has more to offer than ever before. With upgraded features such as an extended mileage range now standing at 235 miles on a single charge. Along with an updated exterior making the Leaf look sharper than any previous models. It also goes without saying that if you go for a Nissan Leaf leasing deal, you’ll benefit from the cars updated technology features. Which are said to include aspects such as semi-autonomous driving when in a single motorway lane. The extent of features such as this will vary dependent upon which trim level you opt for.

In terms of the actual drive, the 2018 leaf has been upgraded meaning the vehicle now has 20% more torque available than the previous model. As stats that looks like 148bhp. The interior of the vehicle has also been upgraded as feels sharp and sleek.

We’ll have more details on the interior at a later date.


The Nissan e-NV200 leasing deal offers drivers a large shuttle style vehicle which shares multiple features with the Nissan Leaf. One of such aspects the vehicles share is the same electric powertrain. This results in the e-NV200 outputting 107bhp.

You also get a few nice interior options if you choose a e-NV200 lease, one of these is the choice of seats and configurations. Available are either five seats or seven, which are arrange in rows, to keep cargo carrying effective. Seats can also be folded away to increasing carry loads even further. Meaning the NV200 is a great option for drivers who need plenty of space along with great economy.

When it comes to the available trim levels there’s actually only one, however there are two different charging levels available, drivers have the choice of going for either Rapid, or rapid Plus. These options are available on all seat configurations.

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