Those looking for a high end hybrid/ electric lease under a premium name, need look no further than the Porsche leasing offers. With multiple offerings including SUVs and saloons, this prestige vehicle manufacturer want a piece of the hybrid action.

Porsche Cayenne 
Porsche have always been known for their sleek and stylish vehicles and whilst the actual visual design of the hybrid Cayenne does not differ that much from its traditional counter part, there are a few eye catching differences. Most noticeable of these changes are the bright green or ‘acid’ green brake calipers. They’ll split opinion thats for sure, we like them though. If you can get past that then theres actually a lot to like about the hybrid Cayenne, its built to the highest quality standards and is extremely responsive even as a large SUV vehicle.

Porsche Panamera
Like the Cayenne, the Panamera hybrid is defined by its acid green calipers and badge. Using a 2.9 litre V6 engine 326 bhp and an electric motor producing 134 bhp, the result 0- 62 mph in a staggering 4.6 seconds. Featuring an 8 speed automatic gear box the hybrid Panamera has a top speed of 172 mph. Take a look at all of our great Porsche leasing deals today!

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