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Tesla are one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to electric/ hybrid car leasing. With history going back to 2003. Back when the company was first founded on the idea of proving to drivers that they dont have to compromise to drive an electric vehicle. Today if you’re looking for a hybrid or electric lease, often you’ll find yourself looking in awe at Tesla.
Tesla Model S
First introduced in 2012, today the Tesla Model S leasing deal is the whole package when looking for quality build partnered with the most up to date tech and speed to rival that of almost any rival manufacturer. The Model S even made it into our top 3 electric cars list!

Currently on offer with the Model S are two different battery options, with each the cars mileage max on one charge changes. First there is the 60kWh battery which Tesla say will give drivers a range of 208-miles. The second option is a larger 80kWh battery which comes with an increased top mileage of 311 miles. The acceleration on the standard Model S leasing deal is 0- 62 mph in a brisk 5.4 seconds. If you opt for the performance model S that drops even further 4.2 seconds. Keep in mind this isnt a dedicated sports car, its an executive style saloon. We’ll let that sink in.
Tesla Model X
For driver looking to lease a vehicle capable of transports the whole family, and any hitchhikers, you need look no further than a Tesla Model X lease. This car is a real head turner, with looks similar to a hatchback, but bigger and with upward opening doors. Every time you enter and exit the vehicle, you can almost guarantee there will be someone taking an interest.

Three different options are available when you look at our Tesla Model X leasing offers. Theres the starter 75kWh, followed by a larger 90kWh out put battery and finally the top 100kWh option. Those doing a large amount of miles regularly should opt fro one of the larger two options.

AMG are proud to offer competitive leasing deals on the TESLA MODEL S and TESLA MODEL X.

If you are interested in driving either the MODEL S or MODEL X, a lease deal from AMG Autolease could be a quick and easy option. Have a look at the deals on our site and get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk you through the lease arrangement.Get behind the wheel of a TESLA today with AMG.

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