Our View on the Tesla Model X

Part space ship part automotive vehicle of the future, the Tesla Model X is a car at the forefront of electric motoring. Featuring a high tech minimalist interior the Model X is the choice of drivers looking for premium class. Getting from 0 mph to 60 mph in under 3 seconds the Model X is a powerhouse meaning you’ll command the roads from behind the wheel.

Choosing to lease a Tesla in any guise means you’re treated to arguably the best interior technology the automotive world has to offer. When entering the vehicle your eyes are immediately drawn to the 17 inch touchscreen display from which almost every element of the vehicle is controlled, from seat positioning to climate control and everything in between. The Model X even comes with a ‘bio-weapon defense mode‘ so should the apocalypse hit, you’ll be safe from any airborne attacks. High definition maps, sat nav and reversing camera can all be viewed on the crystal clear screen, 1920 x 1200 resolution screen to be exact.

From the outside the Model X looks superb with its sleek headlights, huge windshield and Falcon Wing doors. The X looks smart and sophisticated without looking pretentious, that is until you witness the outwards/ upwards rising rear doors, then it just looks completely barmy.

Tesla state this model will do 289 miles from a single charge, of course this is likely to be lower in real life conditions. Still, long gone are the days of electric vehicles with 12 mile max range. There are Tesla charging stations up and down the UK at motorway service stops and inner city charging points so with a 250+ mile range, you should never find yourself out of reach of a pit stop recharge. So if you’re looking into Tesla leasing deals, the model X could be your perfect choice!

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