Eye Pods- JLR Autonomous Cars.

Date: August 31st, 2018

JLR or Jaguar Land Rover have recently designed a new piece of tech, with the sole aim of measuring how people/ pedestrians react to autonomous vehicles. How have they done this? They have a new googly eyed friend to aid them in their mission. Meet the autonomous pod with eyes that are always watching.

Image result for JLR Autonomous pod

Yes this rather curious looking automobile is JLRs way of measuring how we as humans react to driver-less vehicles. The pods were designed by a company called Aurrigo, who are known for their forward thinking autonomous drive. Believe it or not the rather comical looking eyes are actually a vital part of the vehicles. Whilst driving around JLRs rather controlled and secure facility, the eyes a constantly on the watch for potential hazards. Should a pedestrian wish to cross the street, these ginormous eyes will actually make eye contact with pedestrian, emphasizing that it has recognized them. The aim of this is to gain the trust of pedestrians and make people feel more confident around autonomous technology.

JLR Virtual Eyes - zebra crossing

So far there has been no conclusion or published results from this study by JLR, however they are said to have tested over 500 subject with these boggle eyed buddies. So its only a matter of time before we hear the results and potentially see fully autonomous vehicles on our roads. After all many vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla already use autonomous tech heavily in their current production models, in the form of sensors for automatic braking and collision detection as well as much more!

Take a look at the JLR pod in action in the video below.