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The First Fully Electric Mini

Date: September 3rd, 2017

Mini are currently one of the most popular and recognizable brands on the road today, having built up a glowing reputation, they are now going into their third decade under the ownership of BMW and are looking to expand their vehicle range even further. How are they going to do this? By planning to release Mini’s first ever fully electric vehicle that will be available to the public. Mini have toyed with the idea of electrically powered vehicles in the past when they made 600 models of the ‘Mini E’. This was a vehicle they used to test their capabilities and demonstrate how they could use electricity going forward, however the vehicle was never available to the public.

The Electric Mini

Now Mini have announced the launch of what they’re calling… well we dont know. We know that the fully electric car will be being shown at the Frankfurt motor show later this month and we hope to get some more juicy details there. The German company has said that the prototype shown at the Frankfurt motor show will be very close to that of the finished design. Despite the current tangle that is Brexit, Mini have said that the car will be produced at their current factory where both the diesel and petrol models are produced. This will be at their Oxford plant in Britain.


Features of the Electric Mini

Well as we mentioned the current prototype is said to be very close to the look of the finished model. We are yet to see the interior of this new mini but what we can see from the exterior is that Mini are sticking to their roots .We think the car looks typically British, stylish and pretty unique all rolled into one.

As we can see from the rear of the vehicle the Mini retains its classic looks with a few striking differences. One of the most obvious of the changes are the union jack style tail lights, we really hope these make it to the finial model that is released. On all images of the the Mini released so far we can see the extended spoke on the wheels, to be honest who knows if this is intended to improve the vehicles performance or if they’re just there to look great. Talking of performance what we do know is that parts of the vehicle have been 3D printed in order to help with the aerodynamics of the car.



When it comes to the performance of the vehicle no one as of yet has actually tested the vehicle, however Mini have said that the new car will do 0-62 in around 7 seconds, this is pretty similar to that of the current BMW i3. In term of top speeds Mini say that they’re around the 120mph mark, however doing the vehicles full range will effect this. BMW have said the new Mini will keep the ‘Go-kart’ style handling and driving experience that the vehicle is known for. To quote BMW: ‘The drivetrain and performance characteristics offer an enthralling drive on both city streets and country roads that is typical of the Mini product range.’ We’ll have to wait until the car is released to find out in more detail exactly what this means. Also total range for the car after a full charge is said to be 250 miles at current.

So almost ten years ago we saw Mini take their first steps into the realm of electrically powered cars, now they’re close to finishing their first fully fledged electric vehicle. We’ll have to wait and see how the finished result stacks up against its current competitors out on the market today, but in the meantime please take the time to look at our full range of current Mini lease deals by clicking here. Or to take a look at our full range of hybrid/electric lease deals click here! Alternatively, to look our our current best special offers, click here!