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The future of Mercedes. Generation EQ and Mercedes GLB.

Date: September 6th, 2017

With the eyes of the motor car world firmly set on looking forward to the future, Mercedes have announced the second vehicle to be released under their EQ range. For those who haven’t heard about Mercedes ‘Generation EQ’ range heres a quick intro.

Back in 2016 Mercedes announced that they were going to be expanding their electric vehicle range by releasing ten new models. Mercedes said it would be their new sub-brand for electric vehicles. The generation EQ uses Mercedes latest technology to improve performance and extend range on their next releases, hoping to put them somewhere close to that of cars such as the Tesla Model S.

Mercedes Compact EQ. 

So now that we re all on the same page lets talk about Mercedes latest update to the Generation EQ range, their compact electric EQ. Although it will not be on show for a few weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes have got everyone excited by releasing a few select images of their most recent creation. Exactly what whirring electrics will be under the hood of this we are not 100% sure yet.  What we do know is that all of Mercedes Generation EQ vehicles will use a pair of electric motors enabling vehicles to reach a total output level of 300 kW attached to a constant four-wheel drive system.

The compact EQ is the second of the Mercedes Generation EQ to be announced with Mercedes as we said aiming for a total of ten vehicles by 2025. We expect however to see the compact model be released before 2020. Fingers crossed at least. By the way if your were hoping for something a little different Mercedes third installment to this range will be an electric Hatchback, or at least so we believe.

We know its a long time to wait until we can get our hands on these vehicles, so what can we expect in the meantime? Well Mercedes are set to release multiple cars before the EQ range that we believe will bridge the gap between now and then. These include:  the next generation A-Class, more saloon models and even (a rather exciting) new compact crossover! We think this will be called the GLB.

The Mercedes GLB

So with the GLB still currently being tweaked and the finishing touches being applied we have plenty of time to look a little closer at what to expect.

When looking at the GLB it looks abit like a younger maybe even more stylish version of one of Mercedes most iconic designs, the G-Wagon. (Please dont hate me for saying its more stylish, I only said maybe). Being marketed as a somewhat more affordable rugged SUV the GLB will sit somewhere in between the GLA and GLC. (We guessed this thanks to the alphabet).

Without going overboard on details we expect that the GLB will have a power range of around 160-190bhp. This is the same as the next generation A-Class. As of now we dont know all the trim levels available however we expect them to be somewhat similar to trims available now on current cars in the same range. If you want to go out and get the range topping trim that’ll be the AMG GLB 45. You’ll be treating yourself to a 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo reaching up to 400bhp.


So if this has whet your appetite for Mercedes and you dont want to have to wait to see the release of the Generation EQ compact car or the GLB, take a look at our current extensive range of Mercedes vehicles available. Click here!