How is company car tax calculator?

Date: October 30th, 2018

Every so often we develop an added feature into our website. Our last one was the ability to voice search to find a specific car from your desktop or mobile when you enter the website.

This month we have launched a much asked for feature that most people have questions about when leasing or looking to drive a new car. Everyone has slightly different personal situations, whether that be an employee, company owner or private individual. Each of these cases the tax that you are having to pay is different.

The numbers that matter

New regulations are not always easy to follow as there are several factors that depend on the tax that you or your company will be liable for – each car model is different. The basic factors are; CO2 emissions, P11D value (price of the new car), personal tax rate whether that be 20%, 40%, 45% and the BIK (Benefit in Kind) percentage that the Gov gives the car.

Our car tax calculator isn’t a definite calculator, as we have some more work to do on this, but gives a rough guide on the tax variation that are clear to see.

Is EV leasing the way forward?

Obviously leasing a green car (electric or Hybrid) is across the board the most tax efficient but whether there is a model suitable for you at this stage in the market only you can – What we do know if that electric cars are the future and that AMG believe we are the experts to help you make the switch as we have the best EV lease deals on the market.

Own aim at AMG Autolease is to offer the best deal that suits your personal or business circumstances. We have experts at hand to point out the pitfalls or deals when looking to drive away in a new car.

Please feel free to call today on 01302 599123 or fill in our contact form and we will arrange of our experts to schedule time that suits you.