Lease an insured vehicle from AMG Autolease

Date: March 14th, 2018

Insure your vehicle when leasing a car from AMG Autolease

AMG Autolease is pleased to announce we now offer vehicle insurance. This is part of an insured leased vehicle package known as ‘Arval Total Care‘. Read on to find out what this package includes and if an Arval Total Care package is the right option for you.

This package offers not only insurance but a fully maintained vehicle lease contract, this complete package is a fantastic cost effective way to lease a vehicle.

So what exactly are you paying for? 

  • A leased vehicle of you choice
  • Third Party liability cover
  • Own damage protection (including fire and theft)
  • Glass damage protection
  • Maintenance
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Accident management

Heres whats not included:

  • Personal Injury and belongings
  • Medical or legal expenses

One great advantage of leasing with the Arval Total Care package is that you payments are fixed for the duration of your contract (from two to five years) and will remain fixed for the duration of the contract. The provision of Arval Total Care is subject to terms and conditions available on request.

An example of Arval Total Care:

Below is a comparison of an identical vehicle lease with and with out the Arval Total care package. Based on a 9+ 35 payments contract with 10k miles per annum. This is based on a business contract so excludes VAT.

 Non Arval Total Care vehicle lease:

MINI HATCHBACK 1.5 Cooper 3dr Auto [Chili Pack]

Initial Deposit: £1470.42+ VAT

Monthly Payments: £163.38+ VAT


Arval Total Care vehicle lease:

MINI HATCHBACK 1.5 Cooper 3dr Auto [Chili Pack]

Initial Deposit: £1945.53+ VAT

Monthly payments: £216.17+ VAT

(Pricing correct at time of article) 

This shows the value of an Arval Total Care package. For just a small amount more amount you get the inclusion of all the above advantages, not to mention the piece of mind that everything is taken care of.

Benefits for you, the driver:

  • A flexible lease; choose the vehicle, duration and mileage to suit your needs and should these change, the contract terms can be amended to suit you (amendments are for unregulated Contract Hire customers only).
  • Dealing with one supplier makes it simple. Arval Total Care covers all of your vehicle needs making your life easier.
  • Enjoy the stability of fixed costs for the duration of the lease (subject to terms and conditions).

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