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AMG Autolease Ltd is proud to offer some fantastic contract hire and Jaguar leasing deals – our deals are kept up to date to ensure they remain competitive, and we run special offers which you can see on the deals page.

We aim not only to offer a wide range of luxury Jaguar lease deals, but to go the extra mile and help you find the deal that is best for your personal or business needs. With over forty years of experience as a customer led organisation, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail; we always put you first. Together we can build the Jaguar car specification that is perfect for you. You can call, email or live chat with a member of our friendly customer service team. We’re here to help. Whatever your Jaguar requirements, we have just the car for you.

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We do not show every individual model but are able to order to your exact specification.


The Jaguar XF is an elegant vehicle on both the inside and out. The XF also offers the driver a lot of tech.

FROM £312.53pm
ex VAT

56 model variations


For a car of its size and class the running costs of the Jaguar XE are enough to attract most. The XE has more to offer.

FROM £317.91pm
ex VAT

33 model variations


Underneath the bonnet of Jaguars XJ you'll find some of their best sports engines. The XJ also feels extremely comfortable.

FROM £1165.66pm
ex VAT

11 model variations

Please call for pricing and availability.

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The Jaguar brand started life as Swallow Sidecar Company, founded in 1922. The company made motorcycle sidecars bodies and later diversified into the production of car bodies.  Developing the manufacture process as SS Cars Ltd, Swallow moved into producing entire cars in partnership with the Standard Motor Company. Under this partnership, the first car bearing the Jaguar name was built in 1935. Initially just as a model name; the ‘SS Jaguar’ was a 2.5 litre saloon also available as two sporting models, the SS90 and the SS100. In 1945 the company changed its name to Jaguar as the board of directors believed it was a more distinctive name; the brand was born. Jaguar successfully gained in popularity as it produced generation after generation of eye catching sports cars such as the XK120 between 1948 and 1954, the XK140 between 1954 and 1957, theXK150 from 1951 to 1961 and the E type from 1961 to 1975. These sporting models were successful on the international motorsport circuit, proving time and time again the engineering integrity of the brand.

A further merger in1966 with the British Motor Corporation brought another phase of rebranding as British Motor Holdings which then merged with Leyland Motor Corporation to become British Leyland, in 1975 this became nationalised. 1984 saw Jaguar de-merged from troubled British Leyland and floated on the stock exchange becoming one of the FTSE 100 brands. Jaguar was acquired by the Ford motor group in 1990 and was removed from the stock exchange. In 1999, they became part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group, sharing the pedestal with the other great car brands Aston Martin, Volvo and from 2000, Land Rover. Jaguar expanded its model range with the S Type in 1999 and the X Type in 2001. In June 2007, Ford announced it planned to sell Jaguar and Land Rover- after months of talks and near deals with several large corporations, Ford announced in January 2008 that TATA motors were the favoured bidder; by march 2008 the sale was completed with a £1.7 billion deal.

Jaguar Land Rover Ltd was formed as a subsidiary of Tata Motors. The brand has been growing steadily ever since. In March 2011, it was announced that 1500 new staff were to be employed at their Halewood plant along with £2 billion worth of supply contracts won with UK based companies. A further announcement in September the same year declared that Jaguar Land Rover were investing £355 million in development.  In March 2012, it was announced that a further 1000 staff were being employed at Halewood. By September 2013 1700 jobs were created at their Solihull plant with £1.5 billion of further investment. Statistics show that in 2015, Jaguar Land Rover produced 489,923 cars in the UK knocking long time leaders Nissan off the top spot with their 476,589 units of production. Jaguar Land Rover have committed to a huge investment in jobs and resources in the UK markets- British design and innovation supporting British jobs.

Driving experience

Jaguar  cars offer luxury styling, exceptional performance engines and timeless classics with every car that comes off the production line. Features that you would expect to be optional extras on most cars, naturally come as standard on Jaguars. We offer the following models for you to lease, affordability with no compromise on luxury.


Production and design

The brand has always been synonymous with luxury interiors and iconic body shapes. The small attention to detail is what really places Jaguar cars at the top of their game. The signature J shape daytime running lights immediately get the car noticed, in completely in the right way. Twin oval chrome exhaust systems give the rear view of the car balance and class. Everything inside a Jaguar exudes luxury, leather upholstery and built in multi-media systems as standard that can be upgraded with more options depending on your needs.

‘In Control Remote’ system allows you to pre-heat or cool the car before you even get in, it enables fuel level monitoring and smart phone connectivity through apps so you can easily access all your smartphone data, maps, contacts and calendar while on the move, all this from one clear and easy to use touchscreen ergonomically placed in the cockpit. Wifi is also available in most models ensuring you and your passengers don’t lose connectivity.

Alloy wheels on all models ensure a smooth and comfortable journey with no compromise on styling, and carefully thought out ergonomic design cuts down on wind and surface noise to make each trip as indulgent as the next, no matter where you drive. The wide range of petrol and diesel engines offer the customer the perfect choice for the style of driving experience they are looking for. Jaguar cars are designed and manufactured across five sites in the UK, when you drive a Jaguar car you can be certain of British design and quality workmanship while also supporting UK jobs.



Putting Luxury Within Reach

Ask anyone to name a quintessentially British car and one of the first names they’ll come up with will be Jaguar. Despite now being owned by Indian car firm Tata motors, Jaguar still has a distinct air of Britishness about it - something that all Jag owners are rightfully proud of.

Step inside a Jag, new or old, and you’ll feel your upper lip stiffen. To own one of these magnificent machines is like gaining entry into an exclusive club. You’ll see owners exchange a wry smile as if they know something that you don’t.

However, thanks to the Jaguar lease specials from AMG Autolease, becoming a member of this particular club is no longer out of reach.

Why take out a Jaguar on lease?

Whether you’re a dyed-in-the-wool petrolhead or someone who just uses their car to get from A to B, we’re sure you’ll agree that choosing a new car is a major decision. After all, buying a car is likely to be the second largest purchase you’ll ever make; only property pips it to the top spot.

Therefore, for many buyers, a luxury marque may seem out of reach.

But there is another way:

Leasing offers those in the market for a new vehicle a way to experience a high-end car at a fraction of the cost.

In fact, you can expect to pay anywhere between 35% to 55% less on average for your motoring by taking out a Jaguar lease than you’d be likely to pay for a car loan on the same vehicle.

And there’s more too:

  • Leasing works best with better cars

The less a car depreciates the more you’ll benefit, making luxury vehicles the perfect choice for leasing.

  • Always be at the forefront of technological advancements and improvements

Drive a new car every two to four years and stay on top of the latest tech and safety features.

  • Relax - you’re in warranty

The manufacturer’s warranty will usually run for the length of the cars lease, allowing you to enjoy worry-free motoring.

  • Budget from the start

Fixed prices from the beginning allow you to calculate your finances accurately – no more nasty surprises.

Car leasing certainly has its advantages, and this remains the case whether you intend to lease a Jaguar for business or personal use.

Nevertheless, leasing deals can vary dramatically from company to company so it’s always best to shop around. Use a Jaguar lease calculator or simply hop from site to site to crunch the numbers.

Whichever way you choose to make your comparison, we’re confident that our prices will suit you best as we are currently one of the cheapest Jaguar leasing companies in the UK.

Five exquisite models to choose from

If driving off in a brand new Jag is something that sparks your imagination you’ll be pleased to hear that we have four of the best models available here at AMG Autolease:

  • F-Type

Lease a Jaguar F-Type and you’ll get one of the most responsive and thrilling sports cars on the market today. The coupe is available from as little as £1016.47 month, with the stunning convertible starting at £506.91.

  • XE

The XE is a Jaguar through and through - refined and elegant. Lease a Jaguar XE and you’ll have a very special sports saloon indeed; one that is bristling with technology and designed to perfection. You can drive away in a new XE today for just £294.71 per month if you choose the entry level model.

  • XF

Whether you opt for the XF Sportbrake or the XF Saloon, when you lease a Jaguar XF you’ll be behind the wheel of a machine that has won over eighty awards globally. There are four options to choose from in the range, with prices starting from £301.00 per month.

  • XJ

If luxury is your paramount concern, you really need to lease a Jaguar XJ. This vehicle oozes class and sophistication, both inside and out. For the best price on your new XJ call our sales team now on 01302 623163. Travel in style, travel in a XJ.

  • F Pace

Launched in 2016, the Jaguar F-Pace is a 5 seater SUV. Great to drive, roomy rear seats, large boot, 4×4 power with luxury, quality and comfort you would expect from Jaguar. Due to top engineering under the bonnet, the F-Pace offers exceptional fuel economy whichever of the three engine types you opt for; available in a 2 L Ingenium diesel, a 300ps V6 diesel and a 3L supercharged V6 petrol with 340ps. (The 3L supercharged engine is the same one that powers the Jaguar F Type sports car.)

However, all this is very well, but you may be asking yourself, ‘What about all of the other car manufacturers out there?’ Would you be better off with a Mercedes lease or something of a similar ilk?

Let’s take a look:

Comparing marques

When it comes to making a decision on which car to drive away, a lot relies on personal taste. Nevertheless, there are always standard things that one must take into consideration before making a final decision.

These will include:

  • Engine and transmission
  • Fuel economy
  • Safety and security
  • Comfort
  • On board entertainment

Searching for all of these things on individual manufacturer websites, in brochures and old copies of Autotrader can be a real nightmare – you may even end up having to resort to an Excel spreadsheet to get to grips with it all!

Thankfully, there is a much more efficient way. Visit the excellent Jaguar comparison page on their website and you’ll be able to find out just how well your model of choice stacks up against the competition. Easy!

Now that you’ve compared your Jag against the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes, you may still be wondering what you are going to get for your money once your car has been delivered.

Naturally, a lot depends upon the model you have chosen, but rest assured that whatever member of the Jaguar family you opt for you’ll be getting a whole lot of car for your cash.

All of the cars in the range are built at the state-of-the-art Castle Bromwich factory in the West Midlands. Phenomenally skilled technicians work side-by-side with hi-tech robots to build the very best cars that Britain has to offer.

Thorough testing thoroughly rewarded

Every one that rolls off of the production line is subjected to intense scrutiny and testing, ensuring that Jaguar’s name remains synonymous with both luxury and quality.

The marque was crowned ‘Number 1 Car Manufacturer’ in the What Car? J.D. Power Survey 2013, retaining its place as top dog (or cat) for the second year in a row. No mean feat considering this poll is voted on by owners, not journalists.

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