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The Porsche Boxster is a drivers favorite, purely because, yep you guessed it, how it drives. Its a rear wheel drive, two seater sports car with a heck of a lot of character, not only that its one of the premium brands cheaper models to online lease!

Lease a Porsche Boxster under the title Convertible or roadster the Porsche Boxster is available at a start as a 2.0 litre engine going upward. Most drivers probably go for the mid-range 2.5 litre which pull well from a start and at low revs, but really kicks in when you start to test it. Available with both a manual or automatic gear box the potential for fun is endless, especially if you go manual. As you’d expect from a sports car with this history and badge the handling/ steering of the Porsche Boxster is superb, at all times it feels frighteningly fast to respond and perfectly accurate.

Being one of the lower costing vehicles Porsche produced you be forgiven for thinking that the Boxster may lack on quality materials compared to its siblings. You be wrong though, the car feels well built and reliable and the interior comfortable and looks pricey. Check out our full range of deals on the AMG Autolease website today!

AMG are proud to offer competitive leasing deals on the PORSCHE BOXSTER.

If you are interested in driving a BOXSTER, a lease deal from AMG Autolease could be a quick and easy option. Have a look at the deals on our site and get in touch – we’ll be happy to talk you through the lease arrangement.

Get behind the wheel of a PORSCHE today with AMG.

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