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Vehicle Enquiry to End of Contract Process

AMG Autolease Ltd look after all their customers, from point of the customers initial vehicle enquiry, either for 3, 4 or 5 year contracts, until later at the end of their contract when the vehicle is due for renewal.  A large percentage of customers return to AMG year after year and have been dealing with AMG for numerous years, many customers run one vehicle and some run fleets of 1,000 plus vehicles.


After the customers initially enquiry, AMG quote the customer as per the customer’s requirements.  Sometimes as a single quote or as multiple quotes.  If the customer requires quotations on different profiles / with or without maintenance / various mileages / various vehicles etc etc.  Customers can choose if they require a Solid Paint, Metallic Paint or Pearlescent paint finish and if they wish for a standard vehicle or a vehicle with options on ie different alloy wheels, leather interior etc.  AMG are able to quote of every single vehicle manufactured on both car and commercial, from Fiat 500’s, Mercedes, BMW, Audi to Ford Transits and Mercedes Sprinters etc


Once the customer is happy with the quotation and wishes to proceed with a vehicle order, a proposal form is then sent via email for the customer to complete and return.  The proposal form is very simple and straight forward to complete and only requires general basic information from the customer and only takes moments to complete.  If it helps, the customer can also speak to AMG over the telephone and AMG shall take note and record all the information require over the phone saving the customer time and easing the process for the customer.


When the proposal form has been completed and returned, AMG then propose the customer for finance via any one of the several funders AMG use.  Depending on if the customer is requiring Personal Contract Hire or Business Contract Hire and which funder has been used, depends on how long it takes to get a finance decision back from the funder.  It can be anything from a few minutes to 48 hours (sometimes it may be slightly longer than this over bank holidays and very busy periods).  AMG will chase the funder until they advise of their decision.  This can be either a straight acceptance, straight decline or… the funder may ask for further information.  ie proof of address, to see a copy of the customers driving licence, copies of customers or companies bank statements, accounts etc etc.  If the decision is a decline, due to data protection purposes the funder will not advise AMG of why this has occurred or advise of any detail.


If an acceptance is not gained from the funder in the first instance, with the customers permission, AMG may try another funder to gain the credit line.  Just because one funder does not accept the finance proposal initially, it does not mean that that will be the same for all funders AMG use.  AMG always propose customers to the funder offering the cheapest rental for the required vehicle in the first instance to obtain the best deal for the customer.


Once the finance is in place and funding has been approved, AMG then ask the customer to sign and return the vehicle quotation which AMG accept as the customers vehicle order.  The is just to provide a paperwork trail confirming the vehicle, profile and costings.


AMG then search for the vehicle on behalf of the customer using the manufacturers / dealer network throughout the UK.  The majority of the time, the customer is able to choose the vehicle colour, both interior and exterior.  Sometimes if a vehicle is on special offer with a certain funder, colour choice may be limited depending on what vehicles the funder has obtained or ordered from the manufacturer but AMG will always make the customer aware where and when this occurs.


When a vehicle has been located, AMG then order then vehicle with dealer / supplier / manufacturer / funder on behalf of the customer.  AMG then inform the customer of the approx anticipated arrival date or lead time of the vehicle.  If the customer requires the vehicle as soon as possible, AMG will order a vehicle to be supplied for as quickly as they possibly can.  Or… if the customer does not require the vehicle until a later date, AMG will order this vehicle for the date required ie the customer existing car is not due to be back for 4 for 6 months for example.


Once the vehicle is on order, AMG keep in touch with the vehicle supplier on a weekly basis to ensure that the order is proceeding as it should be and that the vehicle is in production and that production has not been delayed for any reason.


After the vehicle has been ordered, AMG will then raise and forward the finance documentation to the customer via email for the customer to sign and return.  Depending on the funder, when the customer returns the signed finance documentation, they may also be required to forward either a clear copy of their Driving Licence ( this must valid, in date and at current home address ) or the original card section of their driving licence.  Some funders do not require a copy of the customers licence, but this shall be requested when the finance documentation is emailed if it is required.  If the funder does request and require the original card section of the license, AMG shall request that this is returned to themselves by Next Day Signed for Delivery – it shall then be returned in the same way within a couple of days for AMG receiving it, so it is not out of the customers procession for longer than what is necessary.  Some funders will accept scanned copies of signed docs where others require to receive original printed and posted copies of documentation with original signatures.  A couple of funders require the docs to be e-signed and returned so no printing is required – this is a paperless process and in some instances, can speed the process up.


Once the finance documentation has been signed and returned to AMG, it’s just a case of waiting for the vehicle to arrive into stock with the supplying dealer.


No money is taken at this point from the customer until they have had the vehicle delivered.  Normally the initial rental is taken by direct debit directly by the funder approx 7 – 10 days after vehicle delivery.  In some instances’ it may be a week or so longer, it all depends on how busy the funder in question is once the vehicle has been delivered.


When the vehicle is in stock with the supplying dealer, AMG obtain the first available delivery date and contact the customer to offer for delivery for a date, time and address convenient to the customer.  Deliveries are normally carried out between 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday to any address mainland UK free of charge.  Depending on the delivery location and date, the vehicle shall either be delivered by a transporter / trailer or driven by a fully trained and experienced delivery driver.  If this is the case, the contracted mileage will commence from the mileage which is noted on the delivery note when the customer signs for the vehicle at the point of delivery.


AMG will then at this point advise the customer of the vehicle registration number so they can arrange for the vehicle to be insured by fully comprehensive insurance.  The funder likes the vehicle to be insured by the customer ready for the point of handover.  The vehicles are normally registered on the morning of delivery by the supplying dealer with the DVLA.  However, if this vehicle is a pre-reg and on special offer AMG will notify the customer as the point of order if this is the case.


All vehicles will be delivered with 12 months road fund license unless otherwise stated.


If required, the delivery agent will spend time with the customer showing them the controls, functions of the vehicle and how to work items and systems if required.  They shall also go around the vehicle with the customer to ensure that the vehicle has not pick up any damage whilst en-route to the customer.  If by any chance this has occurred – the dealer will arrange for this to be rectified at their expense on a day convenient to the customer.


Delivery can be arranged anywhere mainland UK – from John ‘O’ Groats to Landsend.  If  the vehicle is required, to be delivered to the Isle of Wight, Shetlands, Orkneys, Isle of Mann or Ireland etc – this can be arranged at a nominal charge, but normally the customer meets the delivery agent at the mainland port.


Once AMG have received the paperwork from the supplying dealer, the vehicle pack is then processed and forwarded to the funder for payout.  The funder then activate / make the vehicle live on their system and this is when the payments will commence from the customer.  The funder shall also forward correspondence to the customer with their payment schedule and forward the invoices on a monthly basis.


Once the vehicle has been made live on the system by the funder and payments have commenced, it’s at this point that the customer can assign a Private Reg Number to the vehicle if they choose to.  AMG shall put the customer in touch with the relevant funder for them to arrange as the nominee will need to be changed with the DVLA on the retension document.  The funder will charge a fee for this process.  Also, once the vehicle is live on the funders system, if required, foreign travel docs can be requested if the customer wishes to take the vehicle out of the country on their annual leave etc.  Funders charge a small fee for this, but all customers will need foreign travel documentation and the funders permission to take the vehicle out of the country even if only for 24 hours.


During the contract once the customer has taken delivery of the vehicle, if they have any queries or questions they can contact AMG and AMG shall be happy to help with any questions the customer may have regarding their vehicle.  ie… who to ring / contact in the event of a vehicle breakdown or puncture.  Who to ring / contact when the vehicle requires a service etc etc.


If the vehicle has been taken out on a Non Maintenance contract, it’s the customers responsibility to arrange for the vehicles service as the service intervals arrive.  The cost of this is also down to the customer along with repairs / replacements of tyres when required along with the cost of the MOT when the vehicle reaches its third birthday.


If the vehicle has been taken out on a Maintained contract, the customer will need to book the vehicle in for its services or MOT at a date and time convenient to themselves with their local dealer and the dealer shall invoice the customer for the cost of this.  The same goes for tyres as tyres are normally included on a maintained contract unless the customer has requested otherwise.


The funder shall continue to tax the vehicle annually whilst it’s in the customer procession.  Please note that once a vehicle reaches it’s 3rd birthday it shall require to have and pass an MOT before the funder can re tax for the 4th year.


Approximately 6 months prior to the end of the contract.  AMG shall be in touch with the customer to advise and offer them their options.  Depending on if Personal or Business Contract Hire and depending on the funder depends of what options the funder may offer.  Some funders offer to extend the contract for 6 or 12 months and depending on the profile and the vehicle mileage they may be able to reduce the existing rental for the months in the extension period.  Some funders also offer the option for customer to purchase the vehicle as the end of the contract from them.  Or, AMG when re requote for another vehicle either like for like or something different or on a different profile as the customer may wish to replace with another new vehicle.


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