Lease purchase

Lease purchase

Lease Purchase ideal for people who like to own their vehicle but do not wish to buy immediately

Lease Purchase suits non VAT registered companies and individuals who would also like the opportunity to eventually own the vehicle.


  • Minimum deposit amounts required
  • Pre defined mileage limits
  • Perfect for None VAT registered individuals looking to take ownership
  • Accurate budgeting with ownership being enabled once the full balloon figure is settled
  • Regular payments not attributable to VAT
  • The vehicle will become a company balance sheet asset and can go against taxable profit amounts


  • Balloon payments at the contract end must be paid
  • Ownership takes place once balloon has been settled – balloon figures may be higher than actual value
  • Funding option only and doesn’t include any service, maintenance or tyre packages

Additional Information on Lease Purchase:

Very flexible agreement there is possibility to place large initial deposits in order to lower ongoing monthly commitments. The regular monthly rental is calculated by subtracting the initial agreed retail sales value and the end of contract residual value plus interest charges. Often this agreement is chosen on vehicles with high residual values.

On a lease purchase you HAVE to purchase the vehicle at the contract end whereas in a Contract Purchase agreement you still have the option to purchase at the end of the agreement

Lease Purchase is only right for people who definitely wish to own the vehicle – contracts usually last between 2-5 years in length but contracts can be settled at any point during the agreement.

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