OLEV Plug-In Grants

There are many advantages of leasing a plug in vehicle, one of which is the grant made available by the government, this means car manufacturers/ dealerships can access grants to lower the price the customer will pay for a brand new electric/ hybrid vehicle on lease. This is thanks to the Government in 2016 pledging an extra £40 million in funding, for the plug-in grant.

The grant amount available varies dependant on which category the car you would like to lease falls into. There are three different categories which vehicles fall into, depending on their CO2 emissions.

Vehicle Category CO2 emission (g/km)Vehicle RRPVehicle mile range on 0 emissionMax available grant
1-50Any70 mile minimum£4,500
2-50£60,000+10 to 69 miles£0
 -50Other10 to 69 miles£2,500
350 to 75£60,000+20 mile minimum£0
 50 to 75Other20 mile minimum£2,500


Interested in what category the vehicle you’re interested in may fall into? Take a look!

So whilst category 1 vehicles can be any Recommended Retail Price, vehicles that fall into the categories 2 or 3 are only suitable for the grant if their total purchase price ( this includes aspects such as optional extra and delivery charges- thankfully AMG Autolease don’t charge delivery charges!) and their RRP are less than £60,000.

The Government have also offered to help car buyers to pay for the installation of charging points in their homes. That’s great for buyers, but what about those of us who are looking to lease? Well in addition to this AMG Autolease also offers a free charging point!

To find out in more detail about the grant available please go to Gov.UK.

So finally here is a brief outline of what a car must do to be eligible for the grant:

  • Be a brand new vehicle
  • Have emissions capped at 75 g/km.
  • Electric cars must be able to travel at least 70 miles between charges.
  • Hybrids must have a minimum electric mileage of 10 miles.
  • Have an acceptable 3 year battery life.
  • Be able to get to speeds of 60 miles per hour and above.


To see the full list please click here.

To take a look at our best deals on Hybrid and electric vehicles, please click here.

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