Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire or Personal Leasing is basically Contract Hire but in a personal name.

Operates for a pre determined fixed period of time with a fixed monthly rental.


  • Variable Initial payment tailored to suit budgets (usually 3,6,9,12 payments)
  • Pre defined contract length
  • Contracted mileage amounts
  • Highly budgetable fixed cost agreements
  • Monthly amounts cover usage of vehicle
  • Fully maintained contracts available covering all servicing, maintenance and tyres
  • No end of contract disposal risks
  • Road tax included and auto issued for duration of contract


  • No option to purchase at the end of the agreement
  • In contract termination costs can be high and hard to predict.
  • You never have the option to directly purchase the vehicle

More Information on Personal Contract Hire:

The contract removes the disposal risk and hassle from the individual. Most contracts can be formally and informally extended past the end of contract date.

Personal Contract Hire is essentially very similar to business Contract Hire as both are based on a contracted annual mileage. Ideally you will be able to accurately predict or restrict the amount of mileage you do each year so that accurate contracts and quotes can be generated.

If you exceed the total contracted mileage you will be liable to excess mileage charges, these vary with different finance company’s although all figures will be detailed at the outset.

For total piece of mind within the contracts we always advise a fully maintained contract which will cover all servicing, all maintenance and all Tyre replacements for the full contract duration.

The vehicle must be fully insured by the person who is named on the contract. Vehicles must also be returned in a condition which is commensurate with the age and mileage of the vehicle.

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