Mercedes-Benz A-Class Saloon

Date: August 2nd, 2018

A potential Audi A3 rival? Yes you read that right, at the end of 2018 Mercedes are due to release a saloon version of the immensely popular A-Class hatchback. The 2019 saloon will offer drivers more a brand new MBUX infotainment system which drivers of the new A-Class hatchback will be familiar with, along with more interior space than the hatchback. Read on to find out in more detail what the A-Class saloon will have to offer!

Design/ Styling

The A-Class saloon has hit the nail on the head when it comes to looks. With aspects of the styling in line with the new hatchback, such as the sleek and piercing headlights, the saloon version also manages to set its self apart from the hatchback and we think it looks fantastic. One of the most notable features is the protruding 3 pointed star Mercedes badge sat square in the middle of the grille. This style badge is a real head turner and gives the car a sense of modern class. The A-Class saloon is a blend of sporty aggressive drop offs and elegant classy taste.

Looking to the rear and the stand out feature is the duel part tail lights, these look far more detailed than the hatchback and will vary somewhat in design depending on which A-Class saloon you choose. Partner this with the saloon style boot and you can immediately see the difference in set up between the hatchback and saloon models. Want to beef up the looks of your A-Class saloon lease even further? Do this by opting for the 18 or 19 inch alloys over the standard 16 inch wheels.


With features such as optional mood lights the A-Class saloon gives you features you’d normally only find on higher end vehicles. The interior tech will be familiar to those who have driven the 2019 hatchback, with dual screen interface and jet turbine air vents, the interior looks and feels the part. Theres also automatic emergency braking fitted on the vehicle to keep you safe and also the option of active cruise control which allows the vehicle to accelerate and brake, along with maintaining distance from other vehicles. This is a great option for drivers doing a lot of motorway miles. Lane assist is another great feature for commuters.

One of the points Mercedes are keen to emphasize is the interior space. Youd be forgiven for thinking the A-Class saloon is going to suffer from rear seats that only a professional contortionist could get into. Mercedes say this is not the case. In the front space will be not too dissimilar from the hatchback. However look to the back of the vehicle and Mercedes state the rear head room will be ‘class leading’.

Driver Tech

Need to program the A-Class saloon satnav without touching a thing? Easy with Mercedes MBUX voice activation system. Activated by saying ‘Hey Mercedes’, this allows you to navigate through a range of features without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. Other interior tech includes either two 7 and 10.25 inch screens or two higher res 10.25 screens, which show a range of stats and driver aid elements such as Mercedes new augmented on-screen sat-nav directions which show a live feed of the road ahead with overlaid digital direction icons meaning you can never get lost or take a wrong turn. The sat nav can also feed live information including available parking spaces nearby, which is very useful if you’re driving to a new area you are not familiar with.


At launch the range of engines available with a A-Class Saloon lease is somewhat limited. There will be one petrol engine available and one diesel. We anticipate more engines will be added after release to include more powerful options and more sophisticated suspension systems. For now both engines come as standard with an automatic gear box and standard suspension fitted.

We’ll bring you more on the Mercedes-Benz A-Class saloon as we get it but for now please take a look at the full range of Mercedes-Benz leasing offers!

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