Mercedes GLA Lease- New 2021 Model Revealed

Date: December 13th, 2019

Drivers looking to lease a new Mercedes GLA will be excited to hear the 2020 model has been revealed! Mercedes will be looking to build on the success of the current GLA which made waves in the compact SUV market on initial release. Today we bring you details of the new GLA and AMG 35 model. Whilst we will likely be waiting until next year for pricing there is still a lot to digest and breakdown from the reveal.

So what do we know so far? 

The new model will be roomier than the current version. The roof line of the 2021 model sits 1611 millimeters higher meaning more head room for tall passengers in the front and offers extra leg room for those travelling in the back. Add roof rails and the new GLA lease grows to 1616 milometers taller than its predecessor.

From the images released so far we can see the GLA is still going for an off-road style appearance. High ground clearance as well as very little overhang at both the front and back of the car are standout off-roading design features present here.

Drivers who lease a GLA will be able to choose from a range of punchy four cylinder engines with more information yet to be revealed. We expect all models to come with the latest version of MBUX infotainment system as it has been a great hit with drivers on other models in the Mercedes range.


Mercedes-AMG GLA 35

Based on the AMG Line the 35 is even more distinctive with its aggressive design and standout features, for example the AMG 35 exclusive radiator grille. The design tweaks are not the only impressive aspects of this performance model, theres also a 306 horse power 2.0 litre four cylinder turbo engine to match. There is also four wheel drive as standard.

As with the rest of the line the latest MBUX features here too in all its glory, we particularly like the eye catching 3D graphics which will be displayed throughout your journey.

We still have a lot more to find out about the latest addition to the Mercedes line up with pricing set to be announced in late February. In the meantime you can learn about all Mercedes other offerings or take a look at our special offers!

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