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AMG can help! Unlike other no deposit car leasing deals you may come across elsewhere, AMG can offer you car leasing with no deposit. Whether you are looking to lease your next car for business or pleasure, AMG has a zero deposit car leasing deal to suit your needs! A no deposit car lease is attractive for a number of reasons, but chief amongst them is the fact that you or your business will have no hefty initial payment to shell out for. No deposit leasing means your costs will be spread across the duration of the contract, which means you can drive away a new car without having to lay out a huge down payment first! Not all finance companies support deposit free car lease deals but, as a trusted provider of zero deposit lease cars, AMG has access to a huge portfolio of financiers who do. This means we are able to offer you a no deposit lease across all our EV lease deals as well as all our prestige and luxury cars, too. Why go anywhere else for your next zero deposit lease?

Car Leasing Special Offers: No Deposit Personal And Business Deals

Want more? AMG can add car maintenance and car insurance to your contract, too. This is a NEW product and it lasts for the entire lifetime of your contract. No more headaches or surprises…just pay one monthly bill and all your motoring costs are taken care of. Seriously, driving has never been more convenient. Zero deposit car leasing and all your maintenance and insurance charges built in…it’s how motoring should be. This car lease no deposit special offer is available across all makes and models, from BMW to Bentley, just ask a member of our friendly team for more details – it couldn’t be simpler! If you’re still not sold on the benefits of this ‘lease car, no deposit’ business, check out our helpful leasing guides to find out exactly why no deposit lease cars make so much sense.

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Why Choose AMG For 0 Deposit Car Leasing?

As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on transparency and honesty, so you’re guaranteed to get an exceptional deal that’s coupled with incredible customer service.

While other companies offering cheap car leasing with no deposit will add cost after cost to your final total, AMG have no hidden charges whatsoever. ZERO!

If you’ve only managed to save a low deposit, car lease options with huge initial payments are out of reach. However, just a quick glance at our chart below will tell you why we’re so excited to be able to offer these 0 deposit car lease deals to our customers.

We won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes with headlines like ‘No Deposit Car Leasing With Free Insurance’, as there’s no such thing as free insurance. What we will do, however, is find you the best deal possible on your entire motoring package, insurance included, without any hidden extras!

The example below shows the numbers in plain English of talking out a no deposit when leasing a vehicle

Initial Deposit35 paymentsTotal car lease contract costs
Large Initial Deposit£2000.00£350.00£14250.00
6 Initial Payments£2085.36£347.56£14249.96
Zero Deposit£395.83£395.83£14249.88

Large Initial Deposit

Car Contract 1
Initial Deposit £2000.00
35 payments of £350.00
Total car lease contract costs


6 Initial Payments

Car Contract 2
Initial payment £2085.36
35 payments £347.56
Total car lease contract costs


Zero Deposit

Car Contract 3 based - 36 payments
Initial payment £395.83
35 payments £395.83
Total car lease contract costs


As you can see the TOTAL contract costs are virtually identical whichever way round you do it.

How Does Zero Deposit Car Leasing Work?

Many contract hire agreements are offered with the first payment costing considerably more than the rest of the contract…sometimes as a whole year’s worth up front! The trap many fall into is they think this hefty initial outlay is a deposit…but, it does not get returned to you once the contract has run its course.

It’s a point worth reiterating: The first month’s payment is part of your contract and is NOT a deposit, So, if you can afford to pay a little extra each month, why would you want to hand over a lump sum before you get your vehicle?

Car leasing with no deposit makes much more sense!

Does no deposit car leasing cost more?

In a word, no. Car leases generally work out to be the same price overall.

Some may prefer to put down a lump sum in order to enjoy lower monthly payments, but for others this just isn’t possible. If you don’t have a deposit saved, or are simply happy to pay one fixed price every month, then a low deposit car lease option makes perfect sense.

The deals below are for business car leasing no deposit options – (please note that the below prices change daily, so current prices may differ from those quoted today, 19th April 2018):

Mercedes A Class lease deals with 0 deposit

C Class lease deals with zero deposit

Personal Lease Car Deals: No Deposit, No Hidden Upfront Costs

All personal car lease no deposit deals incur an additional 20% charge to cover VAT. If any of the deals look attractive, but you’re not shopping for business, simply click through and select ‘Personal’ under Lease Type and ‘1’ for the Initial Rental. This will display the personal car leasing no deposit deal for your selected vehicle. You’re just a few clicks away from securing a zero deposit car leasing deal here at AMG.

Remember, we offer personal car leasing deals with no deposit on all makes and models, so check out our full range of no deposit lease cars right away.

No Car Lease Deposit? No Problem!

As we’ve already touched on above, car leasing with no deposit doesn’t mean you’ll pay more over the duration of your contract. Yes, your monthly payments will be higher, but you’ll avoid the huge initial outlay on month one.

Think of a cake.

Regardless of whether you cut in half, quarters, eighths, or eek it out so you can give twenty people a taste, the size of the cake remains the same. Car leasing works in a very similar fashion. Huge upfront payment with smaller slices to follow, or nice even chunks each and every month…the choice is yours.

Just remember, though, if you decide to pay the lump sum upfront, that large first month’s payment is NOT a deposit. You will NOT get that money back! Zero deposit car leasing, on the other hand, is an easy way to start a contract hire agreement if you can afford the ongoing monthly payments.

So, armed with this information, you can see why so many people are taking us up on our fantastic personal contract hire no deposit deals. With AMG by your side, driving has never been more pleasurable.

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