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No Deposit Car Leasing + No Administration Fees

No deposit car leasing means exactly what it says. There’s no high initial payment to pay. The first payment is the same amount as the duration of the contract. This is attractive for businesses and individuals who wish to drive a new car without having to put a sizable deposit down for the first payment.

AMG are pleased to provide the optional advantage to our customers of a ‘No deposit car lease’. This is limited by some finance companies. However AMG can access a full portfolio of finance companies so are ideally placed to be able to offer this function. This option is also available on all EV lease deals as well as all prestige and luxury cars.

All in one Car Leasing

For additional options you can add in car maintenance and car insurance. This is a NEW product and lasts for the lifetime of the contract. This new all in one offer is available with car leasing no deposit and on ANY make or model! Yes, one single monthly payment for your car – hassle free – please ask for details.

Take a look at our help videos/pages by clicking here that shows you how we make it simple to drive away in a new leased car with zero deposit. We go into a little more detail below with the help of one of our videos.

Deposit free car lease with no admin fees – most car leasing companies hide the admin fees however we have no hidden fees, just great advice, service and free UK delivery of your next new car.

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Why use AMG for your zero deposit lease?

Many leasing companies have additional fees, we have ZERO processing fees. No hidden charges, just great customer service. We are a private, family business where customer service is paramount.

Makes perfect sense

When you have a low deposit for a new car, putting down zero deposit makes perfect sense – see the chart below.

Any make or model is included in all our car leasing special offers with no deposit, together with any electric or hybrid vehicle.

We are often asked about no deposit car leasing with free insurance! There is no such thing as a free insurance however we are able to include insurance for the lifetime of your lease agreement.

The example below shows the numbers in plain English of talking out a no deposit when leasing a vehicle

Initial Deposit35 paymentsTotal car lease contract costs
Large Initial Deposit£2000.00£350.00£14250.00
6 Initial Payments£2085.36£347.56£14249.96
Zero Deposit£395.83£395.83£14249.88

Large Initial Deposit

Car Contract 1
Initial Deposit £2000.00
35 payments of £350.00
Total car lease contract costs


6 Initial Payments

Car Contract 2
Initial payment £2085.36
35 payments £347.56
Total car lease contract costs


Zero Deposit

Car Contract 3 based - 36 payments
Initial payment £395.83
35 payments £395.83
Total car lease contract costs


As you can see the TOTAL contract costs are virtually identical whichever way round you do it.

How Does Zero Deposit Car Leasing Work?

Many contract hire agreements are based on an increased initial monthly payment of usually 3/6/9 or 12 payments or a one off large initial payment. Most importantly the initial payment is not a deposit. Therefore this payment forms part of the contract and doesn’t get returned after the agreement.

Costs are virtually the same

A car lease in its entirety always costs virtually the same. The advantage of a higher initial deposit is that you will lower the ongoing monthly rentals payments. If you are happy paying a higher monthly rental or don’t have a sum of money handy for a deposit it is best to go for a low deposit car lease option.

The deals below are for business car leasing no deposit options – (please note that the below prices change daily so may change from today’s date of 19th April 2018):-

Mercedes A Class lease deals with 0 deposit

C Class lease deals with zero deposit

Personal car lease with zero up front costs

For personal car lease no deposit you need to add 20% for VAT. Click through on any of the above deals and select the personal option and 1 month initial payment (no deposit). Here is the full range of no deposit lease carsany make or model available!
I like to liken no deposit leasing to a cake – it’s all to do with how you cut it up – it’s always the same size it’s just how you chop it up.
At AMG we have different requests when looking leasing a car with no deposit. One thing we always mention is that on a contract hire the initial rental isn’t actually a physical deposit. This form an integral part of the contract costs – therefore nothing will be returned to you at the start, middle or end of the agreement.

Easy way to drive away in a new car when you don’t have a deposit

Zero deposit car leasing is an easy way to start a Contract hire agreement on a new vehicle as long as you can afford the ongoing monthly rentals. Provided you can afford a slightly higher monthly payment, this removes the need to save for a larger deposit.

A good point on leasing is quoted by many great economists and also on the popular SKY TV hit show Ballers – click on the video:-

That means the ideal way to live with an expensive, constantly depreciating product is to lease it. What better way to do this when you don’t have the option of no deposit from AMG Autolease.

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