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Prestige Car Leasing Question & Answers

What cars are deemed as Prestige?

AMG’s Hand Selected Luxury Lease Deals

The UK’s luxury & prestige car leasing marketplace is said to consist of the higher end, more expensive brands with the manufacturer base of the UK car market. This segment and the sports car lease of the marketplace was traditionally the more expensive, lower production volume, more sought after and most fashionable brands.

In reality these prestige car leasing brands actually account for the majority of all car leases with the UK car leasing marketplace. This is largely due to the higher residual values that the prestige online car leasing sector usually enjoys. Couple these strong values with increasing discount levels means that the balance payable over the course of the lease or contract hire is actually getting lower. The enhanced value within the premium car sector can only benefit the end user. With these high end brands constantly increasing their model ranges ups, they are now seemingly covering every model and vehicle type that a consumer desires.

Best Executive Car Leasing Company in the UK

At AMG Autolease we like to think we do the finer things in life rather well. So, are you one of those people who sports leather driving gloves or maybe even have your own Chauffeur? AMG can not only supply the goods, it can give you all the information you need to make the decision on how you turn up to the red carpet.

On a more serious note however, in this article we have compiled what we think are the best of luxury and prestige car leasing deals in the UK, with all factors taken into consideration from price to comfort. Whether you are tied to Mercedes or you are open to a change of scenery in a Lexus we have tried to cater to all needs.

Leasing Luxury – The Mercedes S Class Saloon

s class lease

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One of the best executive car leasing deals in the UK and certainly the crown jewel within the luxury saloon range. The S Class continuously dominates the sales figures in this market and for good reason. Renowned being a technology pioneer and having a recipe that never disappoints, Mercedes have rarely got it wrong on this model. Often boasting features first that you could not imagine driving without today such as anti-lock brakes; you can guarantee some of the tech on this car will be a fixture across the whole market in years to come.

The S class really does take comfort to the next level. Even optimizing is ride height and suspension by reading the road ahead. The interior feels more like you are 30,000 feet in your own private jet and certainly makes the whole experience of being in a car rather enjoyable indeed.

The Ultimate in Prestige Car Leasing – The BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series Lease

Video taken from YouTube

Cleverly the executive car that the team at BMW have produced seem to have realized that in this market they cannot rival the S Class for luxury, comfort and style. Thus, they decided to focus on performance and the driver themselves. At the end of the day, the most important aspect of any car should always be the drive itself.  While all cars in the range are bulky and often suffer due to this, the 7 series still managed to feel agile and light in the way it moves. For those who do a lot of miles, an incredible 60mpg on the 730 (if you believe the emissions tests these days), and means you’re not going to be getting friendly with the petrol station attendant any time soon.

The Ultimate in Prestige Leasing – the Audi A8

Audi A8 Lease

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After previously covering the A8 in an autonomous driving article, you may have picked on the fact we rather like it. The new A8 has certainly bought Audi level where their previous flagship models have arguable failed to deliver. The new A8 has autonomous driving level 3, which actually means at speeds of up to 30mph you can take your hands of the steering wheel, relax and let the car do the rest. Which also they may follow suit, is something the other cannot compete with. Looks and performance may not be quite as cutting edge as the other German offerings but if you value comfort and gadgets in your car this is certainly one to at least test drive. However you will have to wait a bit longer until the new model mentioned above is available!

A Classic Prestige Car – Leasing the Jaguar XJ

Jaguar XJ Lease

Video taken from YouTube

Another true executive car leasing example that is available from AMG throughout the UK. You could be excused for having a pre conceived image of the Jaguar XJ, with its previous ancestors seeming to avoid a real face lift for a decade. However since their take over from Land Rover, Jaguar really seems to be far more in touch with the modern car buyer these days, branching far outside their previous reputation of the ‘old boys club’. The new XJ is a prime example of this with is modern feel that still keep the essence of Jaguar’s British heritage. With the historical racing past of Jaguars, one does always expect them to have a sporty reputation when it comes to their drive. This is something the rapid supercharged version of this car does not disappoint on. Along with the above endless technology on personalised options mean you can truly make this car your own.

Latest in Lexus Luxury – The Lexus LS Saloon

Lexus LS Lease

Video is taken from YouTube

It only seems like yesterday that this Japanese brand called Lexus entered the luxury car market back in the 1990’s. Admittedly, they may not feel they have the share the qualities of their cars warrant today; however their latest luxury car offering certainly offers room for optimism.

Luxury is something Lexus have always marketed their cars around. While visually they will still have their critics, with this offering few can rival Lexus’s ride and comfortable feel. There is a reason Lexus has very loyal customers, and this is because their cars are incredibly, safe, reliable and are often packed up to the rafters with technological features making your live a lot easier. Therefore, if you are someone who values security, well-being and all round contentment, the Lexus LS is certainly the one for you.

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