You Be Thinking About Electric Car Leasing In Leeds!

Date: December 6th, 2017

Leeds electric cars

With the recent announcements that the city is pushing to become a ‘Clean Air Zone’, is now the time to consider purchasing or leasing an electric vehicle in Leeds? While the benefits of doing so are clear, some are still a little hesitant about the prospect, so we decided to take a look at whether or not electric car leasing in Leeds is set to reach a tipping point anytime soon.

Why Leeds is the perfect city for leasing electric cars

Ask anyone who knows and they’ll tell you that Leeds is one of the finest cities in the UK. After a few dark decades, this West Yorkshire powerhouse is back on its feet and is fast becoming the place to be in the North. Its extremely diverse economy makes it an attractive area for Britain’s youth to head for, and business owners are cottoning on, too.

Apart from the capital, Leeds is now regarded as the number one financial district in Britain, with many national and international banks situated there. This is drawing young talent away from the City of London and Canary Wharf, as housing remains relatively affordable and the city offers an altogether different way of life than what you’d ordinarily get down south.

What does the city’s growth in reputation and stature have to do with buying or leasing electric cars in Leeds? Everything, is the short answer. The longer answer is down to demographics, and the people who make this part of West Yorkshire what it is are the perfect candidates for forward thinking schemes like the aforementioned Clean Air Zone.

Millennials are keen to do all they can to help the environment, but they’re also practical people, too. They realise the days of the combustion engine are numbered, but they also need to get around, both for business and pleasure. So why haven’t they already started buying or leasing electric cars in Leeds? Good question!

Timing is everything

Exhaust fums

While we believe that now is the perfect time for electric car leasing in Leeds to explode, this hasn’t always been the case. As with so many other cities throughout the UK, Leeds lacked the infrastructure necessary to make driving a non-emitting vehicle as easy as jumping behind the wheel of a petrol or diesel engined car.

Not only that, until recently, public confidence in the ability of electric vehicles wasn’t that great either, but now the two are converging it’s easy to see why Leeds is prime for an electric revolution.

Leeds City Council are now fully committed to pushing the city to the forefront of the global green movement, and they’re doing a great job. They’re also leading by example, too, with 70 of their current fleet already having been switched over to ultra-low or zero-emission vehicles. Their push for a Clean Air Zone by 2019 is in full swing, and it’s only a matter of time before the public start embracing the policy as well.

Electric car leasing in Leeds can improve public health

Improve Public Health

Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels in Leeds are currently amongst the worst in the country and in such a densely populated city, this is clearly a problem. Although many will remember the air quality in the city being so poor that people were evacuated, the issue with NO2 is that it is, for all for all intents and purposes, invisible. So while the days of thick smog from steam engines and industrial plants may be behind us, the health hazard most certainly isn’t.

This pollutant is produced by fossil fuels being burned, so in major cities the number one cause for concern is the combustion engine found within the vehicles that clog our road systems. Diesel engines are particularly harmful, but emissions from petrol driven vehicles aren’t that great, either.

Switching over to zero-emitting vehicles will obviously have a huge impact on the air quality that affects us all and that, in turn, will help improve public health, especially for those with respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis.

Further incentives for leasing an electric vehicle in Leeds

As if helping improve public health wasn’t enough, there are also a couple of less altruistic reasons for leasing an electric car in Leeds. Probably the most attractive of these is the prospect of free parking if you purchase or lease an electric vehicle.

Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and sustainability, Lucinda Yeadon announced last year that those who drive ultra-low emitting vehicles will be entitled to a free parking permit for the city. Furthermore, the city’s council car parks have seen bays created specifically for EVs and plans for more charging points are well underway.


If you live or work in Leeds, the answer is clear: Electric cars are on their way and here to stay. Eventually all of the UK’s roads will be full of zero-emitting vehicles, but it’s going to take leaders like Leeds to make that a reality.

Become a part of the revolution yourself; make your next car electric.