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Date: November 13th, 2017

3 electric cars to lease
In today’s car market the idea of electric car leasing is becoming more and more prominent, with an increasing number of manufacturers now beginning to produce their first ever fully electric vehicles, in the hope of cashing in on the popularity of leading manufacturers in this sector such as Tesla. With this on mind it is becoming harder and harder for drivers to choose between the good, the bad and the ugly. *Cough Lumeneo Smera Cough*. So AMG Autolease has decided to compose a short guide, showing the top 3 vehicles that we feel are a good ranging selection of electric vehicle leasing options.


BMW I3 lease

BMW I3Its no surprise that the BMW brand name has made it on to this list. As one of the world’s leading premium car manufacturers, its hardly a shock that they have also produced an electric car to our liking. The BMW I3 is almost entirely unique in this competitive market, not only because BMW have managed to tick almost all the boxes first time round, but because they have engineered the vehicle in a way that makes it still feel like a realistic car, rather than a novelty or gimmick. Yes others such as Tesla have done this, but they are focused on producing only electric vehicles. BMW as we all know, are traditionally a diesel/ petrol fuel type through and through.

But how have they kept it feeling like an actual drivers car?

The way they have done this is by designing the vehicle with rear wheel drive, therefore keeping in line with BMW tradition, along with boosting performance. Unlike a conventional vehicle with an engine under the bonnet at the front, the I3 has a 168bhp motor hidden under the boot to minimize the amount of space taken up. Because the vehicle is powered by battery, it has the advantages of instant torque, meaning the I3 can do 0- 62mph in a time of 7.2 seconds. The acceleration feels fierce. So not only is the car lighter and more spacious than rivals such as the Nissan Leaf, its now also faster from 0- 62.

BMW I3 rating:

Stylish individual looks

Great interior space

Good acceleration from standing start

Slightly firm ride in comparison with rivals

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Tesla Model S lease

Tesla Model S

Now there are a few reasons for the Tesla Model S making it into our top 3. Firstly as we all know, Tesla is arguably the leading brand when it comes to the production of solely electric vehicles. Not only this but unlike the I3, the model S is a saloon option and here at AMG we like a bit of diversity.

Now if you’re looking for a vehicle that does it all you need look no further. With luxury to rival Mercedes, speed to rival Porsche and fully electric, it’s hard to find more for your money. The Tesla model S is like no other car you’ve seen before, electric or otherwise. For example the interior is exquisitely simplistic, boasting pretty much only a large 17 inch touch screen from which almost everything on the vehicle car be controlled. Theres not even a start button in the thing!

Drivers looking to lease the model S have options. You can go for the 60kWh battery with a 208-mile range or opt for the slightly larger 80kWh battery which offers the driver 311 miles. On these batteries you are looking at a 0- 62 mph time of 5.4 seconds. Frighteningly quick especially when you remind yourself this car is doing it on electricity alone. Oh theres also a performance option which lowers the time even more to an astonishing 4.2 seconds. There are currently no other electric vehicles which you can realistically lease that are this quick.

Tesla Model S rating:

Longer range than most EV rivals

Superb 0-62 mph 5.4 secs

Easy to settle into comfortable drive

Some competitors are cheaper to lease

So if you’re looking to lease an electric vehicle that’s a similar size to a BMW 7 series but with a heck of a lot more speed and an interior like no other, check out our Tesla Model S offers.



The e-Golf lease

Volkswagen e-Golf

This is Volkswagen’s first ever fully electric Golf that is available to the general public for leasing. Unlike the BMW I3 the Golf uses a 24.2kW lithium ion battery which is hidden away low in the car between the axles. When driving the vehicle the e-Golf feels pretty similar to any other Golf, well build, fun to drive and solid. This is a good thing. The car feels fun to handle and despite only doing 0- 62 mph in around 10 seconds, the car still feels pretty swift due to its torque from a standing start thanks to the battery power instead of a petrol or diesel engine. However in some ways this Golf differs from that of its siblings, the e-Golf gives the driver the option to use regenerative braking. This means that whenever you take your foot off the accelerator the vehicle brakes for you. Meaning you stop pretty sharpish if you have these settings on fully. However you can also choose to turn this function off and brake like you would any other vehicle.

Looking at the interior and the e-Golf matches up to that of the rest of the range, offering the driver satnav and infotainment screens, along with all the rest we now expect to see as standard from VW. So considering all this, the e-Golf is a great choice for your next electric car leasing deal, whether you’re a seasoned Golf driver or have never sat in one before. We think you be impressed. Please feel free to check out our full range of Golf offerings today.

Volkswagen e-Golf rating:

Solid drive as we expect from a Golf

Updated range extender

If you dont like the look of Golfs, this is not the car for you

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