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The Toyota Yaris: hybrid car spotlight

Date: March 16th, 2017

Seems we missed a car from our recent Cars and Gods infographic – the Toyota Yaris’. It turns out the name comes from ‘Charis’, a Greek goddess of charm and beauty.

And here it is: charming and beautiful.

Image of the Toyota Yaris hybrid

What is the Yaris hybrid like?

This car evolved from Toyota’s ‘Funtime’ concept range from 1997. In our opinion those roots alone make it worth a look.

As a sibling of the Prius – perhaps the most famous hybrid car in the world – the hybrid version of the Yaris has a lot to live up to. The hybrid is better received than the petrol version, and is generally perceived as a cheaper hybrid than the Prius, thereby widening the portion of the market that Toyota can target with their green-minded cars.

Offering a hybrid engine at this price point means the car is very popular as a company car in the UK at the moment, because of the especially low running cost. These savings translate to you, too, if you decide to lease a Yaris.

The hybrid Yaris comes with eco-tyres so you can feel like you’re part of a special club when you’re driving it, which is always nice.

What is the Toyota Yaris like to drive?

Here we hand over to some of the professional car reviewers in the industry, who give their spin on the Yaris’ driving ability:

The Yaris is easy to drive and handle, with light controls and a tight turning circle that make it easy to drive and park in town, if not very engaging outside it


If you want rock-bottom running costs – and spend most of your time in town – then the Yaris Hybrid is worth a look, too. With its petrol/electric drivetrain, this model emits just 75g/km of CO2 on the smallest wheels, which means free road tax.

Auto Express

There’s a more rigid body structure, a stiffer torsion beam at the rear and softer springs at the front, all designed to improve the ride of this updated Yaris


Toyota has further improved the refinement of what was already a very quiet car by reducing wind noise at speed and increasing the amount of cabin soundproofing material.


We offer a range of Toyota Yaris lease deals – the hybrid version starts at just £168.13 per month