Volkswagen E-Golf

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. With fast charge points popping up all over the country, the government pushing us to go green and the fuel economy benefits of an all-electric vehicle, its hardly surprising that VW has joined in and given us the E-Golf.

Performance is strong

Performance from the E-Golf is strong, with a range of drive modes available, the chances are youll mostly keep it in the standard mode as this copes well with almost all driving conditions. For those on a long journey or on low battery, there are a selection of eco modes available that are designed to extend the cars range. This is done by limiting acceleration and even turning off interior comforts such as the air con if you’re really struggling.

The Handling is sharp

The handling of the Golf feels pretty sharp, if you really concentrate you can tell that there is the extra weight of the batteries being taken into consideration but this has a very minimal effect. The E-Golf retains grip well and steering feels responsive and well weighted. The E-Golf copes well with road imperfections and does a very good job of quietening road noise which can often be an irritating feature of an electric car.


The interior of the E-Golf is almost identical to any other golf in the range. There are a few digital display alterations displaying features regarding battery usage, but other than that, all is as it seems throughout the range.


Those looking for an all-electric hatchback which ticks almost all the boxes should consider the E-Golf along sides of the likes of the BMW I3 for electric car supremacy.

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