Volkswagen Golf GTE

The Golf GTE is VWs plugin hybrid offering, meaning you have the option of both electric and traditional petrol power on hand. Saving you fuel money, the GTE has an array of plus points which may make it your next perfect car lease. There are four different drive modes to choose from, these are pure electric, hybrid, GTE and battery charge.

The Models

The first and last of those modes are rather self-explanatory. Pure electric has the GTE running on electric power only and whilst VW claim you’ll get 31 miles of electric charge, chances are that’ll be a little lower in real world conditions. This mode is great for small town journeys. ‘Hybrid’ mode gives you the best of both worlds, the 1.4 litre engine and the electric motor assist each other to deliver better fuel economy as well as improve performance. ‘GTE’ mode gives the car a little more get up and go, making it feel a more like a hot hatch. In this mode you’ll get from 0- 62 mph in 7.6 seconds. You feel pretty quick off the mark too thanks to the instant power available from the electric motor. ‘Battery charge’ mode does what it says on the tin. The 1.4 engine charges the battery as you drive, meaning you don’t have to plug in the car to recharge. Its worth noting that if you use a traditional 3 pin socket to charge, you can expect this to take between 3-4 hours from empty.


The rest of the car feels exactly as you’d expect a VW Golf to perform. Handling is good despite the extra weight of the battery. The design is unique to the GTE thanks to the front mounted light bars and space is good though out, making this yet again, another good all-rounder. So drivers looking for a performer with the option of electric power without committing to the fully electric E-Golf need look no further!

Read about how our director, Iain, journey with this car.

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