VW Golf GTE Lease Hybrid – Our directors thoughts!

Date: January 8th, 2018

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Here at AMG Autolease Ltd, we love our hybrid car lease and electric car lease deals! Our director Iain McLennan loves them so much, hes gone and leased himself the  NEW Volkswagen GOLF 1.4 TSI GTE Advance DSG 5dr hybrid!!

Take a look at what he thinks 3 months in!

Iain’s eGolf lease Review:

Hi all,

Well after the first 3 months of living with the NEW Volkswagen GOLF 1.4 TSI GTE Advance DSG 5dr I can honestly say it is fantastic! Having been fortunate to drive a whole manner of differing cars including a lot of hybrid test drives over the course of my life, to find the best hybrid lease deal for myself, the Golf GTE is a revelation! Yes it’s not the biggest car, doesn’t have the swagger of a BMW 5 series, the power of a Mercedes C63 AMG or the size of the Volvo XC90, but it does just about everything else!

What are the GTE mileage capabilities?

Since I decided to lease a Volkswagen GTE I have covered nearly 2500 miles and I have filled the small petrol tank only 3.5 times with a range of only c.350 miles means I have done nearly half as many miles on SOLE ELECTRIC power as on petrol, I am finding this amazing and when coupled with our new smart energy meter, I cannot even see a cost with this. By my rough reckoning I think those 1250 miles have cost me about £20.00 in electricity which is 1.6 pence per mile! Being frugal is not something I would normally be associated with but it does get somewhat addictive!!!

What is the Golf GTE like to Drive?:

The vehicle whilst great on short journeys does suffer on longer trips, the 1.4 engine in normal mode does burn the fuel and if I was a high mileage user other than the tax savings I would say it would be a costly beast! Then again if it was a fully expensed company car selfishly would I care!! The Business Contract hire agreement has been done on the special AMG no deposit car leasing plan which has enabled AMG to drive the car without the need for any large deposits!!!

What is the MPG and tech like for the GTE?

The technology on this lease hybrid car is fantastic, with navigation, touch sensitive screen, vehicle pre warm its just second to none and keeps me fully entertained! I am even just enjoying the vehicles MPG when it flashes up at an average of 200mpg!

How do I rate the performance?

In GTE mode with full charge the power is awesome, there is simply no lag on the power and it just seems to pull without even changing gear. Handling is great and the GTE certainly retains the history and build quality of the hot hatch GTi models. Its nice to see some bemused faces when you go on full charge!!

What is the interior spec like?

Another fantastic point for the Volkswagen Golf hatchback is that I can fit the Golf clubs in the boot without having to remove the longer clubs, something that the BMW 1 Series could never hope to achieve! All in all the first 3 months have been a great introduction to the electric hybrid leasing scene. It is the most relaxing drive ever in full electric mode as it is simply so quiet – that is until you put the GTE hammer on!!!

Below are the lease figures for July 2018 – click on the link for the latest:-

VW GTE Golf Lease

I will hopefully update again over the coming months as we get a bit more into the contract.



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3rd party review of the Volkswagen Golf GTE and e-Golf 2018 | from Mat Vlogs & Carwow