What are the best suv lease deals?

Date: February 23rd, 2018

4×4 Lease – the best green versions

In today’s world, low emission SUVs are immensely popular, on your daily commute to work the chances are you’ll see a whole variety of SUVs cruising down the road. These could be anything from the extremely successful Mitsubishi Outlander to the plush comfort of a Range Rover.

So with the growing popularity of hybrid and electric vehicles, it makes sense that some of the worlds biggest car manufacturers have released hybrid versions of their vehicles. Below you’ll find a list of our best hybrid SUVs. You never know, you might find your next hybrid car lease.

Volvo XC60 T8 plug-in Hybrid

The best Volvo Hybrid SUV on Lease – Overview:

Volvo have said that by 2019 every vehicle they release will be available in hybrid guise. The XC60 is one of these such vehicles. Lets get right into it, the XC60 is a powerful beast. The front wheels are driven by a petrol 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine with 314 bhp. Combine this with an electric motor working the rear wheels which adds an extra 86 bhp and you’ve got a lot of pulling power beneath you. Its also worth noting the 10.4kWh battery allows the vehicle to travel up to 28 miles on just electric energy.

When it comes to the interior of the vehicle, Volvo are really treating drivers. The interior as a whole feels comfortable and luxurious, you could easily spend hours in the cabin whilst on the road without feeling the need to have a break at all (unless nature calls of course). There are two trim levels available to lease today, these are Inscription Pro and R-Design Pro. No matter which of the trims you go for, you’ll feel all your needs are catered for as both trims give the driver a leather steering wheel, cruise control, LED headlights, powered tailgate, adjustable air suspension,  a 12.3-inch digital dash display, a heated steering wheel, sat nav, heated leather sports seats and a 10-speaker 330w stereo.


If your considering a hybrid SUV lease, there are few better looking than the XC60, both from the exterior and interior. The XC60 feels well built and reliable in all its forms. The reason its one of our favorites, well the XC60 can compete with the big boys such as BMW and Mercedes across all areas, comfort, build quality and more! Speaking of other forms, take a look at the full range of Volvo XC60 lease deals now!

Toyota C-HR Hybrid 

The best Toyota Hybrid SUV version on lease – Overview:

First things first, the looks. They divide opinion, the hard cut corners and protruding rear lights are a no go for some. However most (including us) love the way Toyota C-HR looks.  We feel theres just the right amount of weird and wonderful angles here to please the eye.

The C-HR is powered via the front wheels with a 1.8 litre petrol engine and electric motor working together through an automatic gearbox. Looking at the interior of this vehicle, a great feature that we love is the layered dashboard which allows for most of the car functionalities such as heating controls to be altered at the press of a button. Across the board the Toyota C-HR is treated to a 7.0in touchscreen which allows the driver to control functions such as DAB radio and Bluetooth for mobile phone. Toyota is calling this the Touch 2 system.


The Toyota C-HR is a fantastic choice as your next hybrid lease. One of the big selling points (or leasing points) is that the C-HR is guaranteed to turn heads thanks to its radical styling. Not only that it’ll let you travel in comfort and of course keep costs down thanks to low emissions and electric power. Hence for the above reasons, its one of our favorite hybrid SUV lease deals. Take a look at the full Toyota C-HR range today.

Audi Q7 e-tron Hybrid

The best Audi Hybrid SUV version on lease – Overview:

Audi are one of the largest and most successful car manufacturers on planet earth. So its no wonder that they have an expansive range of hybrid variants available to lease from AMG Autolease today. The Q7 e-tron is powered by the pairing of a 3.0 litre V6 turbocharged diesel engine and electric motor. Working together via 8 speed transmission. The result is a top speed of 143 mph and a 0-62 mph time of 6.2 seconds. The Audi Q7 feels refined throughout. The drive is solid with responsive handling that means you can throw the vehicle into corners without worrying it’ll topple over. The interior is as refined as ever and will feel familiar to anyone whos ever sat inside an Audi before.


The Audi Q7 e-tron makes it onto our list as its a refined vehicle under an established and trusted badge. You know you’re getting value for money here. Not to mention Audi state 35 miles on electric charge alone, which is impressive for a hybrid of this size. If you’re interested please take a look at the Audi Q7 range today.

Kia Niro 

The best Kia Hybrid SUV version on lease – Overview:

The Kia Niro stands out on this list as it is manufactured solely as a hybrid vehicle, or just as a plug-in hybrid anyway. Under the bonnet of this Sportage sibling is a 1.6-litre petrol engine, paired with a 43bhp electric motor worked through a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. The result is a responsive burst of speed from both a standing start and at higher speeds.

When it comes to the interior theres space for adult passengers in both the front and rear of the vehicle, this is an important note as the Niro is quite close to being a compact crossover, and there’s not many with as much space as there is on offer here. elements such as Bluetooth and DAB tuner are as standard, with the option of features such as a 7.0in infotainment touchscreen available on higher trim specs.


The Kia Niro is a great choice for drivers who are looking for something a little outside of the prestige car market. Offering drivers lower driving costs than other Kias available to lease. We love it and think you will too. Take a closer look today!

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