Zero Deposit Electric/ Hybrid Car Lease

Date: July 18th, 2019

Today we are taking a look at our top picks for a zero deposit lease on both electric and hybrid car leasing. The hybrid car market is booming, with lots of advantages over leasing a traditionally powered vehicle. Below are our favorite vehicles for every walk of life, from the ideal family hatch, to the executive saloon, we have it all covered. Read on!


Volkswagen E-Golf

£296.94+ VAT

(1+ 47 8k)

Available now for under £300 per months when you lease with zero deposit over years! We love all things electric when it comes to the Golf. We’ve written previously about the Golf GTE in all its glory, but today we are focusing on the E-Golf. VW’s fully electric version of their best selling all rounder hatchback. As with any Golf thats gone before this E-Golf is fantastic fun to drive, despite being heavier than others due to the added weight of electric batteries. The E-Golf still manages to grip the road well even in tight corners and handling feels sharp and responsive. Looking to the interior space and the E-Golf doesn’t disappoint here either. All materials feel plush with the inside of the vehicle feeling well built and comfortable throughout, as you’d expect again from an electric Golf.

The E-Golf has a mileage capability of around 120 miles before you need to recharge, however expect this to be reduced in real world conditions. If you’re looking for a stylish and nippy hatchback capable of also being the family car go to, then look no further than the E-Golf.


Toyota Yaris

£182.63+ VAT

(1+ 47 8k)

The Toyota Yaris hybrid is an economical alternative to your regular city/ town dwelling car. Known for being compact and reliable the Yaris is now available with the combination of petrel and electric power, making it quicker off the line and more fuel efficient. All Yaris trim levels come well equipped with even the entry level trim being supplied with Bluetooth, electric windows, climate control, steering wheel mounted controls and much more. The hybrid Yaris is suitable for drivers of all ages and experience levels and was awarded 5 star EURO NCAP safety rating, making it perfect for first time drivers. For a relatively small car the Yaris also has a pretty spacious interior, with four passengers transported comfortably over longer journeys.


BMW 5 Series 530e

£473.70+ VAT

(1+ 47 8k)

We are jumping up a level now looking at the BMW 5 series, a premium executive vehicle now available as a hybrid for extra economy. BMW are known for creating cars that feel great to drive. That’s no different here, despite being a hybrid, the 530e still feels and drives like a BMW should. Rivaling the likes of the Audi A6 and Mercedes E-Class this version of the 5 Series produces only 49g/km of CO2. Through combining hybrid technology with the petrol engine, you can drive the 5 series with relatively low running costs. This is thanks to the car running the engine and electric battery in parallel to get the most efficient performance from the car. BMW state you can get almost 30 miles from the car on electric power alone and although this is likely to be lower in real life situations, its handy to know theres a bit of extra juice should you run out of fuel. Drivers looking for a long journey comfort car with an exciting drive and low economy need look no further than the 530e. Check it out today!


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

£359.42+ VAT

(1+ 47 8k)

The Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in electric vehicle is one of the best selling hybrid SUVs on the market, its for that reason its made it on to our list. The Outlander benefits from rough SUV styling meaning it looks the part from any angle of the exterior. You’ll stand out as you sit high above the rest on the road in this PHEV. Being a plug in means at the end of each day you can refuel at a very low cost! The Outlander has a number of drive modes meaning you can choose how to set up the partnership of hybrid and petrol power. Drivers looking to lease a hybrid SUV should seriously consider the Outlander, its better value for money than a lot of its competitors.


So there you have it, a few of our hybrid top picks for SUVs, saloons and hatchbacks! There are plenty of other options out there in the electric and hybrid car market, just take a look at our dedicated hybrid car leasing page.